Is Microsoft Giving up on Console Visual Superiority?

BadAssGamer Writes:

"When it comes to pushing what is possible on a console, it seems as of late that Microsoft has 'taken the back foot' so to speak, the titles that are making huge waves in the gaming industry in terms of console technology are mainly PS3 exclusives."

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Zeus Lee3626d ago

Microsoft aren't giving up on visual superiority,the Xbox 360 hardware is.

Think about it for a second before you hit that disagree button.

N4PS3G3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

how can you know ..if we haven't seen nothing new yet ...running on a new or more powerful engine..not the same old Unreal 3 technology.

Wait for something new ...running on new technology ..and if it doesn't look as good as the competition then ..go and claim victory but don't make stupid arguments when there's nothing to compare.

and no ..Halo:ODST does not not count...why? because its running the same halo 3 engine from 2007...Gears 2 was running the same Gears 1 engine from 2006...get the point? Same old technology

What games are you guys using for a fair comparison? Alan Wake? Splinter Cell: Conviction? Mass Effect 2?

Oh wait..nothing ..we haven't seen those game to at least make a fair and honest comparison

...hit the disagree button if you want...but i ain't saying nothing but the truth ...PS3 maybe more still doesn't give any one the right to say ..there's nothing better coming out...wait for something new...and if it still looks disappointing ..then ..there you go ...they gave up on visual superiority

PirateThom3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

And won't the PS3 have something that looks better again?

We're only into 2009 and there's potentially 2/3/4 games that are going to out do the graphical powerhouse Killzone 2.

Meanwhile, 360 has... nothing.

3626d ago
N4PS3G3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

@ Prate Thom : Meanwhile, 360 has nothing ....... shown yet

I'll tell you the same thing..

this is not about how many games that look great are about the 360 not being able to compete anymore..

you even answered your question .. 360 has there's nothing to compare can someone claim superiority ..if there's Nothing! to compare!

old games running on old engines? thats not so fair you know

.. So ..every one here think MS won't even announce a new game sometime in 09?

wait for it...if it still looks pale in comparison with the ps3 games ..even running on a new engine and by a good developer like Santa Monica studio ..or Guerilla ..or Naughty Dog...THEN. . superiority can be claimed

its really stupid that some people here.. just hit disagree without even reading or analyzing some one else's post just because they have a different console of predilection. You guys hit the button just because he or she likes the system i hate ...even if that person is pointing a out a real point of view...soo mature

ThatCanadianGuy3626d ago

"wait for it..." -N4PS3G

Funny how the tides have shifted..Now it's 360 that has no games :)

N4PS3G3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

wait for what? This is about graphics..not about games... I'm not waiting for nothing ...every time the year ends like you are no where to be why should i worry ? :)

I'm stating a real point of a muture way ..something you can't do

Last year were excited by Resistance and Home and who knows what claimed victory like no one else did...sadly ..then you disappeared..why is that? ..don't do the same thing this year ..when half of those games start slipping to 2010 and new games get announced :) Show your face when the tides change ..not only at the beginning of the year :)

3626d ago
ThatCanadianGuy3626d ago

Im sorry but that's about games.Not graphics.

As i's funny how the tides have 360 is the one with no games..

I don't really understand what you're trying to say about Resistance & home.Maybe i just don't speak idiot.I don't know..

Either way.360 has a pathetic 09 lineup.That's all i wanted to add to this..

beavis4play3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

i see what you're saying, and it is possible.....but not likely. for a few reasons: MS has predominantly mentioned AW, SP:conviction, HW, and the downloadable stuff. it isn't likely that there is some mystery game on a new, amazing engine. why? because the 360 has been out a full year longer than the ps3. and most agree the 360 is easier to develop for, sooooooooo.......these "spectacular" looking games that can compete with the ps3 should have been around sooner-but they have yet to even be announced; let alone released. and then there is the issue of DVD9. yes, this isn't just fanboy's a real issue that devs face when deciding how great looking a game can be on the 360. sure, multiple discs is a possible solution, but really isn't desireable.
bottom line, the ps3 is now showing games like UC, KZ, HR, GOW, WD sooner after launch than the 360.(and that's with the 360 having a year head start!) i don't see why you'd hold out hope that somehow....magically....the 360 will show games like the aforementioned ps3 games. i don't think it's going to happen. since launch, it's primarily been some form of UR engine doing the work for devs on the 360. this will probably continue........and with it will be games that look great, just not spectacular.

and that stuff you said about "home" and resistance"? pretty lame.

butterfinger3626d ago

So your argument is that the 360 can't be maxed out yet because it has nothing coming out? You should be a lawyer. lol.

N4PS3G3626d ago

@ Canadianguy

well smart guy the title...Visual Superioty ..thanks for proving my point ..its not about games..i said that because you OBVIOUSLY need a New Game to compare Graphics...not old ones

Pathetic line up it is ... hope to see you when the year ends...just don't talk to much now and run away on Christmas like last year ;)

I'm out champ :)

RememberThe3573626d ago

The Unreal Engine 3 is holding the 360 back, and MS doesn't have the first party talent to take full advantage of the 360 hardware. At least, thats how I see it.

ThatCanadianGuy3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

Did i refer to this article at all?
I used what you said and took it out of context to insult you and your loyal box followers.Ta da !

And again,what the hell are you talking about with this running away at christmas? I really don't understand.

"I'm out champ :)" Aww ! C'mon fufotrufo ! Don't leave already :(

3626d ago
N4PS3G3626d ago

@ butterfinger

So whats wrong with my can you max out something when there's nothing to max it out?

Put game released in the same period of time and compare them to see if the system is maxed out..does Gears of War 2 looks outdated compared to resistance 2 ,LBP or MGS4? It looks just as good..and comparable to my point of view everyone talks about God of War 3 and Ucharted 2...soo what game are you using for the 360 to compare with those and claim a visual superiority? .. none

Yeah .. i should be a lawyer ..i know what i'm talking about

jadenkorri3626d ago

MS is gonna do what they do best, release a console every 3-4 years just like windows, its how their gonna beat sony, cause sony is making a console last 10+ years, saving the consumer money in the end. MS wants to gouge you for every cent you got. If you look at MS now, their complaining about people switching from XP and going to windows 7, there making it seem like its a big change, i dunno, i went from win 98 to win xp, i had no problems, why would businesses have problems, going from XP to windows 7. I'm sure IT guys are smart enough to handle it, and the users, its windows, the core of windows is still there since windows 95, they won't have problems, other than changing icons and better processing, windows is the exact same as win 98....oh i got off topic a bit... MS is not giving up, their just in a panic cause its consumers are not falling for upgrades anymore, they finally realizing the fact that upgrading to every O/S is not necessary, nor was it ever.

butterfinger3626d ago

You're right, the only way we can compare is if we pick 2 games that come out on exactly the same day some time in the future. Bu bu bu Halo:ODST doesn't count. lol.

RememberThe3573626d ago

"You can't be serious. The fake UE3 bullshots Epic loves to put out are the ONLY thing the 360 has to rely on."

That was exactly my point... The UE3 needs bullshots to compete with the games getting put out by Sony. I honestly think that the 360 can do more then Gears 2. I very well may be wrong and it could be wishful thinking but visually Gears 2 disappointed me and I'm hoping that the 360 can do better. A new graphics engine seems to me to be the first step.

Cutnell3626d ago

I see you're point about nothing NEW to compare it too, but I think that IS EXACTLY the point.

Microsoft is not investing heavily (think Sony spending millions on GG for them to develop and share a NEW engine)and that is exactly what the argument is. Sony IS spending millions of dollars to develop new engines i.e. taking the lead on visual superiority, while microsoft appears to be sitting on their heels milking the crap out of the unreal 3 engine i.e. giving up on superiority.

Say what you will about comparing new to old not being fair, but where is the effort on microsoft's side? It sure isn't present in releasing 35(exageration?)games on Unreal 3, milking Halo for all it's worth, and teasing Alan Wake (which no one knows anything about). Your argument is a moot point(and at the most, confirms what has been said by others), and I actually read it a few times to try to understand your point of view.

Honestly, I hope we see something new from the 360, and I hope it comes sooner rather than later. I benefit either way. I own both, so if they keep topping each other I can follow right along!


its simple.

x360 = GOWn3d.

KRATOS kills gods, cyclops, centaurs, medusas and CONSOLES.

Rhoic3626d ago

PC or 360.. it's already considered a graphics powerhouse.

crillyconlig3626d ago

show me some x360 screen shots then? you cant say anything until its seen

nycredude3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

People arent' diagreeing with you because they aren't thinking. There are diagreeing with you because you make a weak argument. You are claiming that there are nothing to compare with the Ps3 exclusive and THAT is EXACTLY the point.

IMHO it doesn't matter technically which console is the superior console. What is more important is whether or not the developers are going to push the consoles to show what it can do, and in so doing develop some fine games. We all know the multiplats are not going to do that. The fact here is that Sony is clearly more concerned with putting out some really great games that pushes their console and MS has chosen a different route for their console, and it is showing in the game lineup. MS had a year head start and yet Sony will have many games that just have no equal on the other lineups, which goes to show that Sony long term plan and they are sticking to it. It's what they did with the Ps1, Ps2 and now doing with the Ps3. History is repeating itself.

Edit: To sum up my wall of text, it doesn't matter if console A or B is capable of doing it or not, what matters is whether or not console A or B is doing it, and at the moment PS3 is doing it and MS, with a year head start, is not!

power of Green 3626d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

What the hell? There are multi platform games that look better than anything PS3 has to offer exclusively.

*Operation Flashpoint 2
*Ferrari project
Blow any PS3 exclusive out of the water. games ass rape anything on PS3 exclusively. lol

"I can’t go into any details… but I tried the Ferrari game, all i can say is Holy moly, the gfx are better than Gran turismo, the lighting was spot on, the real time reflections on the car were amazing, the general effects are just a new level."

Dungeon Hero

Look at this old ass build of Chrome 2 360 is just getting started.

Alan Wake, Splinter Cell will give us a true glimps into real next-gen.

rossiscratch123625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

I think POG missed the point.

@POG- Thanks for confirming. I no longer think you missed the point, I know you did.

3625d ago
Aquanox3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

KZ2: 4+ years in development. Gears of War 1 + Gears of War 2 = 2 years each.

GT5 = 5 years in development. Forza 2 & 3 about 2 years each.

2 Halos in 5 years, about the same Sony guys will be waiting for GT5 and around what they waited for MGS4.

By the time PS fans start boasting about a game, Xbox fans have been doing so for years, and the software has also sold largely more.

Keep hanging from Sony's last Hope... then the year advances... Microsoft unveils their lineup and errr... the story repeats once again. Maybe 2010 will be the year of PS3? Yup, just like it has been since 2006.


Thank you for the ferrari project links. I didn't know about that title. Looks exciting.

Operation Flashpoint 2 also looks excellent. We'll see how it turns out.

CaseyRyback_CPO3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

Right? Time + Graphics..

Why doesn't Alan Wake look better than any ps3 exclusive again? Why isn't it setting the internet on fire with Alan Wake vs Resident Evil 5? Why doesn't anyone have anything to say or publish about alan wake? Right.. because the teaser trailer came and left. I do remember a certain teaser trailer keeping the internet on fire since 2005 though.

And POG: Like clockwork, the defense of the defenseless. Multiple Platform Games. Yes, in your world(and only your world) Does operation flashpoint(running on the PC) look better than KZ2. Again, only your world. Don't take my word for it, take every media outlet in the world that hasn't ran with any stories about Operation Flashpoint, last year it was Frontlines, now its this.

Cling onto your hope that Bayonetta(OMG AAA) Chrome2(another stellar AAA), and Dungeon Hero(Another AAA) are going to be out soon, and will look like their PC counter parts, but as history has proven. The 360 versions look absolutely nothing like the PC versions. Im sure thats what you got into 360 gaming for.. for those titles.

There is no need to cling onto anything sony says, because they already delivered with second to none visuals of:

1. Uncharted
2. MGS4
3. Motorstorm2
4. MLB
5. Gran Turismo Prologue
6. Killzone2
7. Warhawk
8. LBP
9. WipeoutHD
10, not sure what I should use? hmm.. someone toss one in. There are so many..

going into 2009... its the mantra of "JUST WAIT UNTIL;"

Huxley (PC/360)
Warhounds (PC/360)
multiplatform-pc-360-game-tha t-doesn't-put-a-dent-in-Ps3-Ex c lusives(PC/360)
Halo-Golf:Legendary Edition(360)

Keep waiting.

Bayonetta alone looks better than anything the cell can do. Someone call sony.. i think its over.. <--- is really what goes through your mind? lol.


Ferrari Project is so amazing that Ferrari decided to debut their new Ferrari, the Ferrari California in it..

Wait that Was Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, nevermind.

Why you guys dont just accept some things, is beyond me. I think the entire gaming communit respects the role the 360 has. MS is definitely keeping sony on their toes with their gaming and sales. But Sony is pushing the visuals further than the 360 is capable/has shown in 3 years.

Arnon3625d ago

You do realize there was a October 2008 trailer that came out that was running in-game correct?

Aquanox3625d ago


1. If Alan Wake gets confirmed for 2009, it will be in production as long as KZ2 not longer.
2. Nobody is talking about Alan Wake because Microsoft is not Sony. They hype their games when it's necessary. Sony hyped all games at the same time and let the smaller be eaten by the bigger ones. Example: Resistance 2 and LBP by KZ2.
3. The "wait until" line has long belonged to PS fans, not Xbox. Don't try a cheap turn of tables considering the infamous track of delays which have included MGS4, KZ2, GT5 and the Playstation itself.

Powertesties3625d ago

Especially since the 360s graphics are still the best. Nice try at flaming though.

iHEARTboobs3625d ago

is that the PS3 is supposed to be more difficult, costlier and more time consuming to develop for. If the opposite can be said about the 360, why are there better looking and more technical games on the PS3, and in a shorter period of time? We know MS has the money to spend, so what gives? Can someone answer me that?

thewhoopimen3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

Nice... using a multiplat game such as as Operation flashpoint 2 as an example of the power of the 360...

Incidentally (and this is off-topic), if the US ever got into a war with China as this game's premise is thrown, I'd like to see how the US deploy its military might against China, when China's govt. calls in all the tens/hundreds of trillions of treasury bonds and trade surplus that the US owes them. It's a scary situation for the US I promise you, when all the military technology it owns is possibly the legal property of the Chinese state.
Think about that for a moment and understand why Operation Flashpoint2 is all flash and little substance.

soxfan20053625d ago

Maybe Microsoft learned from Sony last generation. PS2 was the least powerful machine graphically, but it seemed to work out pretty well for Sony. Despite what fanboys think, game companies know that it is the overall quality of the games that matters, not just graphics.

pain777pas3625d ago

Look M$ was lucky to be in the lead and will be because of price and its always been price not games and all this its price and being out first gave them a lead yet the WII is the true #1 console this gen suprisingly so once the WII took over M$ and still are getting trounced and they are cheaper then its time to call it a day on this console which they will do again never will be #1 until they understand gaming from a different perspective. Online perfection is their only asset at this point and that it strictly because they are software kings. Hardware is wanting and the games are serviceable. However there is nothing ground breaking from them as far as furthering gameplay except braid and Uno. They need a WII sports or LBP type game that is not expected not just rip off singstar and everything else everyone is doing.

JD_Shadow3625d ago

Thanks for demonstrating just WHY you have only two bubbles right now!

N4360G3625d ago

Yes they are,I guess Microsoft just don't care about graphics,I still can't believe no game on the Xbox 360 can match Uncharted 1's graphics,which came out in 2007 LOL.

cmrbe3625d ago

The fact that there has been no competition from MS apart from EPICS Gears is a sign that MS really dosen't have an answer. NG2, Fable 2 i really thought will give Sony exclusive a challenge in the visual department but none of them came close.

@Aquonox.Ms devs got the x360 dev kits way before PS3 devs got the PS3 dev kits. Gears is based on the Unreal Engine 3 unlike KZ2 which GG had to build from scratch for the PS3 so obviously EPIC would have been able to produce Gears faster.

This is the problem with MS strategy with their 1st parties and partners. They don't give them enough time as they have to bring out games faster in order to compete with Sony's first parties and partners. Sony are able to allow their devs and partners to take their time because there are so many of them that even if they take 3 - 4 years to release a game Sony will still release more exclusive because of the huge amount of studios they have as well as partners. The best part is once these Sony games are launched they are without equal. For example MGS 4 GOW3 and GT5 etc. These games will be without equal and i would rather pay for one GT5 than play 5 Frozas.

I rather wait for quality than play mediocre. Most x360 games are mediocre.

Exquisik3625d ago

The real question here is..

Why are the majority of the 360 games running on UE3? I mean considering that the 360 came out a year before Sony, been in development longer, and is easier to develop (these are all facts), but they're till using UE3. There should be at least a few different engines by now other than UE3 and the Halo engine. What's even more concerning is why Microsoft is merging/closing their first party developers.

Sony got to where they are now thanks to their in-house developers. These developers not only take their time to develop a game but also a new engine. Take a look at all of Sony's exclusive games, Motorstorm, Uncharted, Resistance, Killzone 2, MGS4, Heavenly Sword, and LBP, they're all ran on a different engine. That's why most of these games took so long to release, other than Resistance. And notice how Uncharted, Motorstorm, and Resistance are now only two years apart from their first installment? That's because the engine have been developed and done for.

Take a look at FFXIII. If it wasn't for the new White engine that Squareenix had to developed for the game, the game would've been out by now. Sony knew from their history in the video games industry, that in order to push the maximum capabilities of a console, new engines are needed. An engine can only be peaked for so long until it can no longer be peaked.

Lawliet3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

"KZ2: 4+ years in development. Gears of War 1 + Gears of War 2 = 2 years each.

GT5 = 5 years in development. Forza 2 & 3 about 2 years each.

2 Halos in 5 years, about the same Sony guys will be waiting for GT5 and around what they waited for MGS4."

And Too Human with 10 years of development. There goes your argument wash in drain. Don't hate me, just wanted to let you know that development time is totally non-relative to the subject here.

Let us just see just what MS could bring out this year then we come into conclusion here.

Aquanox3625d ago

1.38 - @N4pg

What the hell are you talking about? EPIC also developed their own Engine to produce Gears of War 1 and improved on it to make Gears 2. So, by the time Guerrilla Developed and produced their Engine and one game, EPIC has produced 2 games, rated higher in Metacritic, and two iterations of their own engine.

In the proffessional environment, Guerrilla would be considered as Effective whereas EPIC would be not only that but also efficient.

As for the time Sony games take to develop, it's not matter of a genius strategy or anything near that. This is because the platform architechture is so complicated that games HAD to take that long to make them good. It just makes much more financial sense to spend half the budget in a game like Gears of War 2 compared to MGS4, and make it sell much more than Kojima's title. Last time I've checked, Gears of War 2 + Fable II alone sold more than the entire 2008 exclusive PS3 lineup last year. And that's without counting Left 4 Dead which keeps ranking in the top 10 in NPD.

Said this, not All Xbox 360 titles take 2 years to develop. Fable II and Halo 3 took about 4 years each. The thing here is that the UE3 worked so good in the Xbox 360 that it allowed talented developers to release jewels like Bioshock and Mass Effect last year. Once again, that is efficiency with triple A results.

So THAT is the big difference. While the Xbox 360 can have triple A titles developed in a short amount of times, this has not been the case with the PS3 games (Except for LBP probably - which didn't require that much production values) MGS4 and Killzone 2 both took more than 4 years to be out and those which came out sooner like Resistance 2, R&C, Uncharted and basically every single PS3 exclusive that took less than 3.5 - 4 years to be developed, did excel in some aspects but failed to be qualified as Triple A with rankings falling from 87 and below. THAT is the difference with the Xbox 360 lineup. This trend will probably change a bit when Ps3 developers manage to master their coding but by then the only question will be if it was worth the wait... compared to what an Xbox 360 had enjoyed in a comparable amount of time.

Two quick facts to finish:

- The last two Forzas ranked higher than the Last 2 GT. If you want to compare GT5 wait for Forza 3, most likely THIS year.
- For this guy talking about Too Human... it was in development for quite a bit and the production was put ON HOLD until they revived it to make the game for the Xbox 360. I hope you understand the difference between a game in production for a period of time vs. a game that has been in production, then put on hold for years, and then revived.

XxZxX3625d ago

XBOX 360 should join GM cars as most unrealible American product. At least Ford now got their act together, quality is good on the new car. I just hope Microsoft sync just crash on Ford car like they do in XBOX 360.

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swiftshot933626d ago

halo 3 tbh looks like crap and it sold 8 million copies. Halo is the flagship game for the xbox brand and MS still wouldnt invest time and money to reconstruct and improve the halo engine, or make a new engine altogether. So there isnt a reason for them to...

Sony Rep3626d ago

Halo sells predominantly to the xbox crowd. It's all about the future. Imagine how many people that haven't even jumped onto a next- gen console... They see a $299.99 PS3 with all these "benchmark" games, and a $199.99 360... who are they going to choose?

Shadow Man3626d ago

Xbox 1 and Gears and Bioshock.

name3626d ago

Bioshock is multiplatform.

killzone2flop3626d ago

DVD is the only let down on Xbox360 and theirs not much you can get on 8GB-8.5GB but who knows what Microsoft has coming in 09 which may have that WOW effect. I think Microsoft is gonna surprise us all when GDC or E3 comes because theirs no game Microsoft has announced so far and if i was a sony droid i'll be worried because Microsoft always have Surprises.

PirateThom3626d ago


You're in the Movies and Lips!

swiftshot933626d ago

dont joke around dude, im preaty sure he meant [insert RARE game that will fail in all departments]...


PotNoodle3626d ago

Half decent comment from pp.

Dimitri3626d ago

Yea they will... announce XBOX 720 haha and kill of the 360.

cereal_killa3626d ago

Its to late for logic now PP we all know your true colours, your a Muppet and always will be a Muppet oh and say good bye to that bubble you used your multi accounts to get back for you.

I cant wait for E3 to see what M$ has in store they better not announce more multi-plats and exclusive DLC. They need to really concentrate on exclusives games (not Halo or Gears) and bring in some new IPs. I really don't know why anyone would be laughing at the PS3 losing 3rd party exclusive games to the 360 it just shows you the Lack of 1st 2nd and 3rd party exclusive on the 360, M$ is reminding me of the movie industry right now although its coming out with a few new ideas it seems that there making more remakes of movies than coming out with new and interesting ideas.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3626d ago

'Why So Serious?, 'KillZone 2' getting to you xBots?' ;-D

Aquanox3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

I don't understand where do all these poor written articles come from.

The Xbox 360 is still home of some of the best looking games of this generation. Just because PS FANS believe that Killzone 2 looks better than anything ever created it doesn't mean it's true.

Resident Evil 5 has comparable visuals to mention 1 title, and it looks better on Xbox 360. Gears of War 2 has way more texture detail than KZ2 and surpasses it in a number of ways, whereas KZ2 also has its streghts.

Last but not least, other than Halo Wars we know nothing about what Microsoft is preparing for this year or how does it look, so how about waiting for the next Microsoft even and see if you keep smiling?

PS fans have been so desperated for a momentum that the first time they have it they don't know what to do with it.

Anyways, remember what happened with MGS4. It was the exact same story of PS glory all over the place... then the year ended and MS still beat the PS3 last year with a humilliating Holydays season for Sony. So if this is the price of letting the competition have a head start in the year and then steal the year in the last lap, then let it be so... one again =)

Kleptic3625d ago

you 360 fanatics keep whining about killzone 2's textures...and its totally ungrounded...its the last thing of the original 50 complaints you kids keep hanging onto...

please...I would love to see some textures in gears 2 match this...this is a shot from the beta of killzone 2...yeah...thats multiplayer code...stfu about anything on the 360 keeping up with killzone 2...its not that ps3 fanboys just keep saying it...its that people put up pictures like this below, or videos of killzone 2...and absolutely no one counters these things with games on the 360...

and that is rendered water in there...with physics...that is creeping along the rocks...the game is unmatched by anything on the with it...

Kleptic3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

and before the inevitable 'well yeah!, everyone knows killzone 2 has teh best ground texure!1, its the WALLS that are bad'...

killzone 2 spools uncompressed textures right off the disc...there is a reason these shots look so much better than any other console game, as not many titles have used this tech yet (as its only possible on BD)...

you can pull up the guy sticking a gun in the wall and try to say you found one thats blurry in some corner behind a can do that in any fps...but you simply can't sit there and say Gears 2 has ANY advantages over killzone 2 and keep a straight least if you are referring to tech...argue about the art behind both game day and night, thats all subjective...but objective comparisons between the two games leaves Gears 2 quivering in the dark...blame UE3, its hardly state of the art anymore...

but see how this works?...I put up just 5 shots...and will not get countered by anything in Gears 2...yet people like this guy above will say things like 'its only sony fanboys saying killzone 2 looks better'...wrong...its the entire gaming media, and any realistic that happens to see either game in motion...

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Chris Hansen3626d ago

Microsoft's console visual superiority was over when Uncharted came out

Consoldtobots3626d ago

actually I think Heavenly Sword was the first shot across the bow of the U.S.S.-360. Uncharted blew a hole in its hull, MGS:4 broke it in half and now the KZ2 underwater cruise missile will leave nothing bigger than a baseball card for collectors to find.

ThatOneGuyThere3625d ago

Heavenly Sword IMO is still one of the best looking games around. I mean, on consoles it's in the top 10 at least. Freaking acting and animations are perfect!