The PS3 doesn't need to arrive, it's already here

Gamers need to stop worrying about the sales numbers of the PS3 and arguing over the merits of PlayStation Home. The truth is that the system is flush with excellent, exclusive games, and we're way past the point where you can call yourself a hardcore gamer and not own the hardware. Ars makes the case that you shouldn't wait for the PS3 to arrive: it has been here for a while now.

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Zeus Lee5344d ago

Truth=The Ps3 launched with 2 problems,being expensive and lacking amazing games.The console now has amazing games but is still expensive in comparison to the 360 and Wii,therefore,Sony cutting the price sometime this year will be a smart decision.

Other truth:The Xbox 360 costs $199 and $299 in comparison to the $399 and $499 Ps3,yet Microsoft can only manage to outsell the console by 100k.If you take off your bright green fanboy goggles,you'll be able to see why these numbers are a cause for concern for Microsoft.

xwabbit5344d ago

Hmm what title should i use for this


PS3 is awesome it arrived to me on launch when i bought it at 599 and it was worth every penny.

WildArmed5344d ago

I bought the 360 n ps3 on their launch dates.
I can easily say 360 paid of its money's worth. (thanks to those free RRoD repairs ^^ Ty MS)
But i was skeptical if ps3 could do the same, I can proudly say it did. those 600 bucks were worth every penny. Never had to repair it once which adds to the value ^^

MasFlowKiller5344d ago

yeah i see your point and so do 21 mil other ps3 owners worldwide

Jinxstar5344d ago

Zues. It's not MS "sales" it's shipped units.

Powertesties5344d ago

I doubt there is anyone that doesn't want Sony to make it. We have been waiting for it to arrive and this year, it will finally have the games and the features to make it a must own.

While most gamers who own a HDTV and both systems prefer to play on the 360 this may be changing. I am certainly keeping an open mind and waiting for the PS3 to rock my world. May it start with Killzone 2!


the ps3 always had exclusives worth owning. From Day 1. The media hate/ viral campaign hurt sales somewhat. It only managed to slow down the ps3 a little.....too bad for msft


lol you are correct good sir.

DeejayTai5344d ago

And, after you pay for xbox live 360 is more than that.

dukadork35344d ago

it is time to drop this bull once and for all:

360 arcade: $199
10years XBL: $500
Total: $799

PS3 40GB: $399
10years PSN:$0
Total: $399

i'm not even talking about HDD, bluray, wifi and all goodies you get standard on PS3 but not on 360.

is anyone seriously saying they get a 360 w/o XBL?
is anyone seriously saying they can't run an addition?
is anyone seriously saying they don't see the obvious credit scam?

Traveler5344d ago

It's true. I own both consoles and I have actually ended up spending more money on my 360 because of the cost of peripherals and the Xbox LIVE service.

In terms of ownership costs the 360 is not cheaper than the PS3. It is the other way around.

Sitdown5343d ago (Edited 5343d ago )

Stop with the break down....first off there are people who could care less about LIVE..so would not have to worry about that cost. In addition, you can clearly find live cards for under $40...which also means, you have no clue LIVE would be the same price 3, 2, or even 1 year from now. If you are going to do silly break downs...should we include electricity?...since original figures said that running the ps3 costs more than the 360.

Anyhow...who in the world said the PS3 didn't arrive? I can honestly said, that is one statement/argument that I have not heard up until this point.

SL1M DADDY5343d ago

Are either fanboys looking to start a flame war or, have their head in the sand and need to come up for air. The PS3 arrived two years ago and has continued to improve and prove it's cost to me with each new and great title.

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Zeus Lee5344d ago

The Xbox 360 has been relying on 3rd party games to boost both its image and console sales,you can't deny Microsoft have done an excellent job in both marketing 3rd party games and providing incentives to 3rd party developers to promote and showcase their games running on the 360 platform.So Microsoft:Good job in this respect.

But the above also creates a problem for Microsoft:Ps3 selling more consoles will make it extremely hard for 3rd party developers to favor 1 version of their game over the other.We're seeing this happen already,with companies such as EA providing 'equal' treatment to all versions of their games due to their software selling great across multiple continents.I see a loooooot of other publishers and devs doing the same in 2009.

Furthermore,I think Microsoft will be in for a world of hurt once Sony can whip out a 'must-have' Ps3 game for the Japanese audience-Gran Turismo 5/Final Fantasy 13/Team Icos next game might be the one to do it.It's easy to dispute this statement,until I show you what the PsP was able to do last year in Japan(3 Million+ in sales) and continues to do thanks to Monster Hunter and other games.


DrWan5344d ago

I think it's always been a strategy for them to last as long as possible then Jump Ship to X720.

And then they will just repeat the Hx and be ahead of Sony for a few yrs on the next gen.

If Sony is smart, and if they jump ship early on. Sony may wanna consider ignoring them and skip half a generation. Which to me is perfectly fine, the PS3 has so much more it can do. It's not even nearing maxing out yet. I thought it would have maxed out by Uncharted 1, then I saw Uncharted 2. And i thought KZ2 maxed it out, then I saw God of War Trailer...it's like where does it end.

-EvoAnubis-5344d ago

The PS3 is doing just fine. This year, things kick into high gear.

cryymoar5343d ago

gamers have to remember, this isn't a quarter mile race. Sony definitely has the advantage.

-EvoAnubis-5343d ago

Exactly. Lots of people seem to have trouble understanding this fact. Sony's in this for the long haul, and their plan was made as such.

Shadow Man5344d ago

it took 2 years for the ps3 to finally arrive.

ultimolu5344d ago

Very well written article and I agree with it. The PS3 is one amazing system and that will continue on for years to come.

SprSynJn5343d ago

I purchased mine a little more than a year ago, and I can honestly say that I have never been as satisfied with such an expensive piece of equipment. While the price was not that much of a factor for me, I was still a bit hesitant with my decision. Not only does it have some of the best games I have ever played in my 20+ years of gaming, but it has a stellar free online service to match. If that weren't enough, the ability to play High Definition movies, play all your music, and store all the family photos just makes this the only entertainment system one could desire. I am very surprised more people do not feel this way, but to each his own I suppose. Once the whole Blu-ray thing catches on, I am sure people will pick this system up over just a standard player, not to mention the competition. After all, when you carefully calculate your moneys worth, the Playstation 3 really does stand out. Kudos to Sony for their continuous support for great entertainment.