WorthPlaying Review: TrackMania DS

WP writes: "I'll admit that I was a bit apprehensive about the idea of porting the PC racer Trackmania to the DS of all systems. I mean, it's not exactly the system that you think of when it comes to popular racing titles or racers at all, for that manner. Sure, it has Mario Kart, but really, that's about it. Imagine my surprise then, to learn just after an hour of two of playtime, that Trackmania might actually be the best racer on the system, and one that gamers shouldn't miss.

We'll start off with the visuals, which are surprisingly effective on the small screen. Trackmania DS doesn't eschew the 3-D visuals of the PC title for something in the 2-D realm. Instead, it does a pretty accurate job of porting things over, with a pretty incredible job of capturing the draw distance needed to accurately portray the over-the-top tracks for which the game is already known. The cars, while limited in overall count, are well-represented too, and although things look a bit pixelated at times, the game animates well and the frame rate remains high throughout, both important factors in keeping your racing experience nice and smooth."

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