Sony Exclusives Takes Over 2009. Kingdom Hearts Getting 360 Treatment?

*Mass Effect 2 To Surpass Gears 2 In Quality For 360
*Syphon Filter Making A Comeback?
*Hybrid Blu-Rays Buy Game and Get Movie On Same Disc
*Game Review - Star Wars Force Unleashed (MUST BUY)
*And Much Much More Enjoy The Show

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Bill Gates3532d ago

You BABOONS just don't know what it's like to be a real gamer and not a BLIND LOSER follower of the RED RING OF DEATH....AHAAHAHAHAHHAA

HipHopGamer for the win...AHAHAAHAHHAHAHA

ThatCanadianGuy3532d ago

No wonder the "bots" think all PS3 owners are crazy..

You're a disgrace to PS3 fanboys.Honestly,im offended by your stupidity.

Jamegohanssj53532d ago

Please stop hiphopgamer. Please.


Jamegohanssj53532d ago

The Dark Side gave me a cookie to say that :P.


faisdotal3532d ago


*throws a tomato*

We don't need you.

3532d ago
Sarcasm3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

The headlines will ALWAYS have some BS title in it.

Next article

"Sony Santa Monica to make a 360 exclusive?"

Timberland2K93532d ago

stop hatin on HHG he is entitled to his opinion just like you are. If you don't like him you can kiss all of his fans A$%

N4Sony3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

KH3 getting 360 treatment? Oh man, what is he thinking????

Now next week's

"Gears of War 3 exclusive to PS3; EPIC tells M$ to go f*** themselves; Bill Gates committs suicide claiming PS3 dominance as the reason in a note to his confirmed lover Patcher"

that'll get him loved here again. THEN he'll have some damn credibility!

Kushan3532d ago

"Why should he?"

Quite simply, because he's full of it. I'm all for people starting a website, giving some good opinions and enticing a decent debate, I'll fully support anyone that tries to do such a thing, but every Sunday, he always has an absurd new title designed to get one thing: Hits.

socomnick3532d ago

Perhaps there's a way to ban his site from n4g ??? That would be one small step into legitimating this site and getting rid of the idiot flame bate.

DelbertGrady3532d ago

At last! I've waited 5 months to read hiphopgamers review of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed...

N4Sony3532d ago

To go along with VGChartz data, unless of course your console of choice is winning ;)

Timberland2K93532d ago

the only reason why this is flame baits is because half of you idiots who claim you are not fanboys fuel the arguements. For example 1 comment you will say Ooo not this again. Second comment "Well gears 2 is kinda more colorful than killzone 2" STFU most of you so called non fanboys actually are.

StephanieBBB3532d ago

Just because I hate Nascar doesn't mean I come to nascar races and demonstrate? That would be both fanatic and egocentric, It would make me look like a idiot and it would just be stupid, oh and by the way that's exactly what some of you are doing atm.

gaffyh3532d ago

Good show, just to go further on KH3 for 360...Nomura makes KH so if it is coming it will be coming 2011 (unless someone else is making it, in which case it will suck). Also it doesn't make sense imo for it to be PS3/360, it makes more sense to be PS3/Wii, cos the Wii has the fanbase that likes Disney stuff, and the PS3 has the hardcore PS2 fanbase that established KH in the first place.

Not saying PS3/360 version won't happen, but just doesn't make sense to me. Bu I guess MS' money makes sense to Square Enix so I dunno.

cayal3532d ago

The one argument you need for Kingdom Hearts PS3 exclusive is Nomura.

gaffyh3532d ago

@cayal - Yeah I agree, but I would say that Square would definitely wait and see how well Versus 13 does before solidifying exclusivity

cayal3532d ago

Nomura would probably go Postal if one of his babies went somewhere he didn't want it.

Then Square-Enix will be called Nomura Inc.

Immortal Kaim3532d ago

'I posted this the other day but didn't receive a response...'

I would like a personal response Hip Hop Gamer.

Now let me lay the cards on the table. I love smaller sites, and enjoy reading articles from the enthusiast press, but there is one thing you should always keep, and that's your integrity.

I know it is hard for smaller sites to gain the views and recognition the larger sites seem to enjoy, but using unfounded, biased and sensationalist headlines is not the way to go about gaining readers (at least in the long term).

I also advise you to get an editor on board, there are an abundance of spelling and grammatical errors in all the posts I have seen. Not having a go at you personally, everyone makes mistakes, but multiple. errors in one post can be off putting to some.

So again I will reiterate, keep your integrity, don't incite fanboy wars on N4G as a means to generate hits, there are other ways of gaining readers, ones that will continue to support your site if you remain unbiased.

Hopefully you will respond here or by PM.

Keep up the good work and hopefully take this constructive criticism in good spirits.

Danja3532d ago

I can't see Nomura going with the 360 this game is huge in Japan so not a chance..

The Wii is mostly likely to get KH3 than the 360 ne day...

kunit22c3532d ago

Danja right above me ^ i agree with you on that about 80% and theres only that 20% because i havnt heard of a single game that was exclusive to Wii and PS3 or 360 and Wii, sure there might be a few but i cant think of any, but yeah HipHop gamer could you seriously just tell us the news ummm quick? really i dont like watching and hearing some news i dont care about and waiting to hear news i do care about after it, just please make them shorter these long vids annoy me and waste time.

-EvoAnubis-3531d ago

" Quite simply, because he's full of it. I'm all for people starting a website, giving some good opinions and enticing a decent debate, I'll fully support anyone that tries to do such a thing, but every Sunday, he always has an absurd new title designed to get one thing: Hits."

Yeah, the titles are designed to get hits. And guess what? It works. From your post, you don't even like HHG, and yet, here you are. Crude, but effective.

And as for being full of it, come on! Who isn't? GameTrailers? Kotaku? GameSpot? Edge? Who?

He's passionate about the gaming industry and he's entertaining, which is more than I can say for any of the examples I mentioned.

You might not like it, but unless someone's holding a gun to your head, then you're not forced to watch it, or to even click on this news story. You see those places I mentioned in the 2nd paragraph? I don't like them. Therefore, I don't go to them. Amazing, isn't it?

This ain't rocket science, and after briefly reviewing your posting history, you seem smart enough so that it really shouldn't have to be. If you don't like his site or his stories, don't go to them. I can make it no simpler.

Spydiggity3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

Force Unleashed...Must buy? that's a joke, right?

EDIT: This guy says "amazing" so much the word has lost all meaning for me.

2nd EDIT: @ the guy below me: I kind of agree with you, but you take it way too far. you're right about his fanboy articles each week. but you aren't going to get any points across if you act that foolish. how did violence get involved? you want to break his face and put him in the hospital? why? cuz he's a lousy journalist? that doesn't make a whole lotta sense.

GameGambits3531d ago

I don't care how old Hiphoptard is in real life, but he sure acts like a dumb little easy influential kid. Why do you have to be a stereotypical black guy? That's not being racist, because someone inform how he doesn't fit the bill for being a stereotype himself.

He's a bad journalist, he's a bad gamer, and above all a bad person. He's dumb all around. If you want to be in videogame journalism and be taken seriously in ANY way, learn to write and read, learn to not make up BS rumors week after week after week after week, and stop pretending you are a gangster of ANY sort.

This dbag would get his face broken so fast by me in real life it'd be the number one news story here on N4G in a heartbeat. "Hiphoptard gets beaten sensless for being a moron on the internet and is now hospitalized for months." That's how that article would go.

N4360G3531d ago

It's a known fact that PS3 exclusives will take over 2009,as will SONY.

DelbertGrady3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

"It's a known fact that PS3 exclusives will take over 2009,as will SONY."

According to PS3 fanboys it was a known fact back in 2007 as well. And 2008. Never happened. Now you say 2009. You still haven't learned.

GameGambits3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

So you boys and girls want to defend this idiot named hiphoptard? Check out this private message I got for him today on here:

you said that i'm a dumbass, that i'm a fake gangsta, that i'm a bad journalist, and that you'll break my face ok check this out. since you seem to know it all right this is what you do. get your credentials up come to E3 seem me face to face and then we can test out your fighting skillz and see who will really get there face broken i'm ready when you are june 2nd to the 4th L.A. actually i'll be in L.A. starting June 1st i'll have the belt i'll have the loud mouth you'll find me ok now let's see where your heart is at

He seriously just sent this to me. LMAO. You are such a waste of time...

alwayzbusi13531d ago

What flavor of Hateraide is that? I mean DAMN you want to put him in the hospital? Over what he says about videogames? And you call HIM a bad person right? LMAO! TOO FUNNY! but pathetic... hiphopgamer, keep the haters hatin man.

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Sony Rep3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

Kingdom Hearts 'll end up on the Wii (DQX) before it touches the 360, because the last thing Square needs is another 4 year project that seems to be going nowhere (FFXIII.) Not to mention, Tesuya Nomura, as the head of the KH team, seems to have a great great relationship with Sony and an already invested-in engine for the PS3 (FFVXIII.) He may not make all the decisions, but he does carry a lot of weight at Square (FFVXIII exclusivety.) If Sony wants to keep these exclusives (KH,) largely, I think it'll all depend on Sony's performance in the future, as these game(s) are far far off.

I don't have a problem with the HHG ( im a fan,) but these headlines are unsubstantiated speculations. Game journalism isn't the tabloids. Talk about stuff you know.

NaiNaiNai3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

FF13 is taking no longer then any other FF,

T_T better.

Awesome Possum3532d ago

Nai that was really uncalled for.

JD_Shadow3532d ago

I agree about Nomura being a HUGE roadblock in that happening. Also, if Sony is going to be able to afford a price drop of the PS3 in the spring, then they can afford to buy out KH3 in some fashion. He REALLY doesn't like the 360, and he has some issues with Wada and his business decisions right now. I don't think it will unless Nomura has lost all control of the series or some sort of thing like that. That and with as much as the PS3 owners are shouting out for SE to support them in some way, and KH can be a HUGE way to get the PS3 owners trust back.

Also, at GDC 09, we're supposed to see Gutellia Games releasing the Killzone 2 engine to developers. I know you're thinking "what does that have to do with Kingdom Hearts?" Well, in my mind, an ENGINE would make programming a game EASIER than it would be coding from scratch, and this is an engine that was developed WITH the PS3 in mind, AND for a game that's going to show how much power the PS3 actually has. Put two and two together, and you will see that a LOT of the people that have said that the PS3 is hard to develop for won't have that excuse because they will now have an engine that was made specifically FOR the PS3. Now, with Nomura already having Sony love (and plus, remember that he actually begged SE to keep FFV13 on the PS3, and with that guy being their ace in the hole, why anger him any?), if and when he SEES THAT engine, and if he decides to want to USE that for whatever, I could assure you that there will be a lot MORE love for the PS3 by Nomura. Could SE pull his arm enough? While it IS possible, I don't know if they would want to risk that with the amount of hate Nomura has for Wada right now (and with the many issues with the press SE has over their two-faced attitude about being multiplatform), thus I would rate it as improbable.

That whole quote about the 360 being "easier" was from someone who couldn't do a game on the 360 correct ( ).

From that alone, I HIGHLY doubt that's coming (even though a few people might WANT it to happen).

Arnon3532d ago

but if Sony were to drop the price, wouldn't they NOT be able to secure some exclusive rights? I mean, a price drop would cause them to lose money.

JD_Shadow3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

Pretty good question, though I think I got the answer for that:

If Sony were to break even, say, at that rumored date (or sooner), and they were to drop the price, then they would initially lose money because they price is lower, but because you have MORE PS3's going out due to people liking the new price cut, Sony would be making up for that in the quantity of PS3's going out, which actually would mean a profit because yeah, the cost to make a PS3 is higher than what you're selling it for, but look how many PS3's are going out the door, and from what else they get money from (the first party exclusives, the Home spaces & virtual goods & ads, PS Store purchases, the PSP & PS2), that would mean that they wouldn't have to worry about that. And if they are actually making a profit NOW off of the PS3, then they would REALLY be in a good position to offer a lower price (which is what everyone wants to see and what everyone is saying the PS3 needs right now because it's the price that's hurting the sales). This would mean that Sony has money to do things that they didn't think they would do.

However, again, I would have to question THIS one from HHG (remember, he himself stated that he's not always correct), because remember how much of an anti-MS fanboy Nomura is, and if he was THAT adamant about keeping FFVXIII on the PS3, imagine how he's going to be like when the issue of exclusivity for the one franchise he cherishes more than anything else comes around (unless they really REALLY convinced him somehow (good luck with that, SE), he'll quit before he lets one of his games onto a system he doesn't want it on, and SE can't afford to lose him). He's more comfortable with working with the PS3 technology, and he's hasn't really kept that a secret. Also keep in mind that Microsoft is not really in a very good financial position, either. The 360 may be doing well, but that's a very dim bright point right at this point in time. They can't afford to do the $50 mil BS that they did before (hell, who really CAN nowadays? Thank the douchebag of a former pres we had in Bush for THAT, though I'm not surprised he didn't do the economy right, he couldn't even dodge the Vietnam War correctly).

I think, on a personal standpoint (and sorry if this sounds a bit fanboyish of me, but this is just my opinion), that SE owes it to the PS3 fanbase to keep KH3 exclusive because of how much they've screwed it over so far this gen. If they really want SOME trust and some of the "screw you SE" things to stop, they GOTTA give something to them to shut them up, and this staying exclusive would help that out BIG time. Even though I think Nomura would mind it, I don't think anyone would mind it if something like KH Chain of Memories becomes avaliable on the 360 (since the GBA and PS2 both got that game so far), and that's probably what they would be considering. But again, SE HAS to do something for the PS3 besides FFV13, and KH3 would be HUGE.

Oh, and by the way, didn't HHG say something about Sony having BOUGHT some third party exclusive, and that it was an adventure title that people KNOW about? Isn't KH in that "adventure" genre, in a way (it is exploration, after all, and adventure games can have full-on RPG elements)? Maybe I'm right on MY assumption here? Could it be that it's KH3 that Sony got their hands on, and is the title that HHG was talking about a few weeks ago?

Arnon3531d ago

Very informative response. And very level-headed. Thank you!

thats_just_prime3530d ago

Darkpower you say MS is bad shape ? They post $16.63 billion thats 2% increase for 08 Sony posted a lose of $1.65 billion thats a 99% lose for 08.

They owe it to sony fans ? Like the owed it to nintendo fans to keep FF exclusive to the Nintendo 64 type of owe. Oh please the only people the owe anything to is their share holders.

Oh and last time I checked Wada runs SE not Nomura and if hes as big as fanboy as you say he is then thank god he doesnt run a compny cause he run it right into the ground.

If the KZ2 enegine is so easy to use why did it take them 4 years to make the game ? Its not even that great of a game yes it looks really good but as far as gameplay goes it just your run of the mill FPS

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fafoon3532d ago

Now you can't argue with that

CaseyRyback_CPO3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

Im personally not waiting, because I know theres no way that MS kept quite on mega AAA exclusives or what not since the launch of the 360. But, to be fair you do have to wait till E3(august?)..

So far, yeah.. Ps3 has a better 09 lineup, It had a better 08 lineup too imo. But 09 theres nothing to compare it to at the moment. Kinda one sided right now... just sayin.

randomwiz3532d ago

gears of war 1.3 confirmed for Q4 2009

Chubear3531d ago

The only thing MS will be doing is taking yet another once PS2 exclusive and having it as a multiplat game this gen. The biggest thing for them this E3 will be Alan Wake, Huxley & the reveal of an old franchise as exclusive but when punch comes to shove, they'll be lackluster by their launch save for perhaps Alan Wake.

Just watch, E3 will be loaded with DLC and multiplat games for the 360.

Arsenic133532d ago

Some one hack this guys website and put REAL news on it.