Killzone 2 Soundtrack Played By Live Orchestra

Every game now has a soundtrack, some of them are so epic that they finally played by an orchestra. Think of the Metal Gear Solid theme that was also played live by an orchestra. Now the Killzone 2 soundtrack has been played by an orchestra at the Norrlands Operan in Umeå Sweden.

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Bill Gates3535d ago

Yeah, an orchestra or crying BABOONS......AHAHHHHAHHAAHHAHA AHA

satyam3535d ago

cant wait for 27th feb

OhReginald3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

It truly is the demo i always blast the menu music in my room.....f*cking kickass.

here it is.....

ape0073535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

the soundtrack in this game ia amazing,the sound effect are unbelievable,the enemies scream,shot and sware from all places,the death animation ,firing effect,explosions are unbelievable

guys,killzone 2 is a masterpiece,I cannot believe it

and it has the best use of sixaxis I've ever seen,in the sinper rifle(which is awesome)there's no "hold L3 to aim steady" you just keep holding the ds3 tight to aim steady and it's tight and spot on,it's like you are holding a damn gun

and there are a LOT ,I mean a LOT of things moving on screen and things happening

graphics are the best graphics ever,EVER,if you thought that the demo looked amazing,then just wait to see what's really in store

this game shouldn't get less than 9.5

and btw,the controlles are much better than the demo :)

Tsar4ever013535d ago

I'm still looking for the 1st killzone soundtrack. But i'm gonna be ready for this one for sure. And as long as were talking about epic soundtracks how bout listing to the soundtrack of the worldly known anime mini series GIANT ROBO!!!

cryymoar3534d ago

xbots just don't understand, they are just sooooo retarded.

Too bad for them, even the soundtrack is more than the xbox360 can handle.

7.1 FTW!

xb360 can only do 5.1....bahahahahahahahahaha

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inbfour3535d ago

This has some of the most beautiful music that I have ever heard in video games.

redsquad3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

Sent shivers up my spine.... CD soundtrack please!

ultimolu3535d ago

The music rocks in that game.

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The story is too old to be commented.