Resident Evil 5(Preview)-Buy Or Rent? Rent -"Resident Evil 5 however comes off as a mixed bag trying hard to balance its tactics in a generation where Dead Space has left its upstanding mark in the genre. Many would assume that it would be inappropriate to compare both the games since one comes off as a master and the other a mere apprentice, but the point is with so many great games being released this year, our pockets are not quite deep enough to splurge on games that might not offer a solid bang."

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N4Sony3627d ago

To show this up. Dead Space was an incredible game and the RE5 demo lacked balance, as expressed here in this review, with its controls and pacing. Good for you v4vg! I agree with this preview 100%

Zeus Lee3627d ago

I already made that decision when I got done with the demo.I doubt Capcom will miss my $60 but hey,maybe they'll finally integrate move-and-shoot controls next time.

farhsa20083627d ago

lol at this noob for putting down his controller when a QTE occured, what a stupid reason to complain, also if he played RE4 he would have been prepared for this

GameGambits3625d ago

I'm currently DLing the demo to try it out on PS3 over my 360. I'm just going to see if I may have a feel for the controls more on a dualshock over the 360 controller---some games like COD I prefer on my PS3 over 360.

This game just needs two things in my opinion for it to be a buy for me:
1) Ability to reload as I move. Why not?
2) Better aiming. Look at Chris. You really expect me to believe he can't shoot at a faster/accurate pace on a zombie that is a foot or two away from him?