Times Online - Games Reviews: Street Fighter IV, Halo Wars, Killzone 2

Times Online reviews for: Street Fighter IV, Halo Wars, Killzone 2

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ElementX3531d ago

So you're just a fanboy, obviously

Timberland2K93531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

Sooo what if it beat halo. Killzone 2 is a game of its own. Stop comparing it to halo. Im sicked that it got another hundred that i believe is on metacritic. thats a good thing but on a side note half of these reviews haven't even played the multiplayer to the fullest extent

She had some great words for Killzone2

"Does It Live Up To The Hype, You Betcha"

Parapraxis3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

Agreed Timberland2K9, those games are so far apart in terms of genre they aren't comparable, trying to do so only makes people look foolish.
I would love to play Halo Wars personally, I hope there will be a PC version at some point.

PirateThom3531d ago

That's like comparing a spaceship to a grenade launcher. They're not the same thing.

ViceKingz3531d ago

but a spaceship with a grenade launcher would be pretty cool


GarandShooter3531d ago

Easy now guys...

For the scores in this particular article, he's technically correct. It may be a bit fanboyish of him, but I am not familiar with his posting history(nor do I care to check)so I don't know his intent.

Every month or publication period for non-monthly magazines, most gaming mags give their 'Game of the Month Award'. They choose one as above all the others, regardless of genre. (Come to think of it, the 'Game of the Year Award' falls into this same category, as they choose one game overall, regardless of genre.) Nobody in their right mind would say it's unfair to compare games of different genres in this light, right guys? The media does it, the fanboys will follow.

Maybe this fine gentleman was correcting a grevious oversight on the part of TimesOnline...


Maybe this rabid fanboy is just trying to pour gasoline on the fire...

You decide. I really don't care.....about the media.....or the fanboys.

pwnsause3531d ago

I dont see why you should compare an RTS to an FPS. both are different genres.

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Zeus Lee3531d ago

Killzone 2 just keeps raking in perfect scores,great score for Street Fighter 4 as well!

happyface3531d ago

Times online has a Sony bias I think so the review means squat

L-a-i-n3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

Good job for all 3 games. Lots of love to go around. This will be a great year to be a gamer not a hater.

Gun_Senshi3531d ago

LOL you call those reviews?

happyface3531d ago


their sony bias is showing

SprSynJn3531d ago

You made your point, you don't like Sony. You can leave now.

I find this review surprising coming from a girl (or who I think is a girl). The more I hear of this game the more I want it now.

Truth Hurts3531d ago

Killzone 2 keeps getting perfect scores from irrelevant sites. Awesomeness.

ViceKingz3531d ago

kz2 keeps getting great reviews....

truth hurts. doesnt it?

GarandShooter3531d ago

The truth may hurt, but stupidity kills.

SprSynJn3531d ago

If you are going to insult one of the biggest online publications in the world, at least put some thought into it. And I think after 70+ "irrelevant" site reviews, you are the one who might need to face the truth. Whichever console you prefer, whoever you might be biased towards, it's pretty evident people love this game. Luck is on Sony's side this time around.

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