WoW Insider: Around Azeroth: Where the wild roses grow

WoW Insider writes:

"Since Valentine's Day is this weekend, I've decided to spend a couple of days featuring V-day shots. Whether you're part of a happy couple, part of an unhappy couple, or a singleton who walks around mocking overly saccharine couples, feel free to submit your Valentine shots. This lovely bouquet of, er, roses comes to us from Ragnaron, GL of <Prophetic> on Malfurion, and his guildmates Sinoria, Ibeaturfunra, and Pottietang. While farming Coilfang Pens, they found that the slaughtered makrura made a pleasing pattern and decided to use their bodies to add a stem. Leave it to a warlock to come up with a bouquet of dead crabs for a Valentine's gift."

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