Fragland: Killzone 2 Review

Fragland writes: "For a few days already I'm thinking how I would be able to write down my first encounter with the game. Words unfortunately are not enough when I want to describe the intro movie. Giant ships hang between clouds, rockets are flying all around and hard explosions are testing the bass of your 7.1 surround sound set. Hundreds of pods leave the bass on their way to the red planet, not Mars but Vekta, the world of the Helghan, to end the battle. It's up to you, Sev, to finish the Helghan once and for all".

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jammy_703533d ago

same as meta, hope that stays at 93 =D

terrandragon3533d ago

No, it should go higher than 93.

Powertesties3533d ago

This game really is looking shaping up. The reviews are good across the board....which is awesome. The demo was good but we all know it was short and old.

No much longer!

Blackmoses3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

shaving points off for what it doesn't have.....
They tried but ultimately didn't work out for them. Is it absolutely necessary that every game have co-op?

Edit: yeah....matter of fact let's downgrade Super Mario Brothers for no Online Support or maybe Gears of War because it doesn't effectively use power-up mushrooms....

SAiOSiN3533d ago

a game should be graded on what is and the features it has. i guess all games should be downgraded from now if they dont have 32-60 player online. it's only fair.

Obama3533d ago

I think killzone 2 just set a new rating standard for fps.

QuackPot3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

Coop is a must. Especially if it's a Ps3 exclusive being nitpicked unfairly by critics. CoD4 got away with it because it got everything else right and set the new standards for presentation, gameplay and MP for a FPS...and not a ps3 exclusive.

But in all honesty, gamers normally have friends. Enough said.

Ryangp3533d ago


eagle213533d ago

Gabe Newell pressed it after me...

QuackPot3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago ) 93 on Meta

That would be a fair and great score for KZ2.

I am a fan but pissed that GG didn't achieve perfection with:

* fully usable vehicles(as in Halo, Battlefield) on all levels
* more and longer vehicle levels
* greater variety of levels
* greater variety of enemies
* more open and less scripted levels
* co-op & split screen
* better and less annoying voice acting
* better friendly AI
* First Person perspective roll, punch, kick etc - innovation.
* True two-weapons-only - not just a pistol and 1 other.

Most of these have been the cons of many reviews.

If only GG had included all these then it would have truly been a legendary game.

But it's still a great game. Just could have been better. Bring on KZ3.

heyheyhey3533d ago

nice ideas... with Guerilla having their engine locked down at "awesomesauce" during KZ2 development, they can now focus on the stuff you just mentioned for KZ3

for now.. we have one of the best looking, best sounding, most visceral and most realistically playing shooters with an excellent online component... and that warrants my pre-order

INehalemEXI3533d ago

dual wielding pistols be nice next time around.

Traveler3533d ago

I like some of your ideas, but why would you need vehicles on every level? I think vehicles are overused in many shooters.

BiG_LU3533d ago

I believe that was the idea of left some ideas like that 4 part 3 cuz they spend the time making the engine and make it look so good that didn't have time 4 the rest but it will be coolest thing in the next one.

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