Street Fighter IV - Achievements Revealed

Console Monster: "We have just added the Achievements for Street Fighter IV on the Xbox 360. The achievements will prove not just challenging, but time-consuming as well. Playing 500 Xbox LIVE battles is a lot of work for the 20 GamerScore on offer, in comparison to the "Win 3 ranked matches in a row" which offers the same reward. You can expect a review of the game at some point next week."

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Gun_Senshi3530d ago

actually real gamers give a hell about both achievements and thorpies.

Jinxstar3530d ago

Pretty intense. I wonder if Trophies will be the same. looking forward to this game so much.

caffman3530d ago

but does the PS3 version come with trophies?

fredrikpedersen3530d ago

We've known this list FOREVER! How does this count as news?