PS3 game releases for the week of March 5th

A fighting game, a racing game and a sports game... take your pick, we have three new PS3 games to select from this week. And, if that's not enough for you, check out one of the five new PS2 games.

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UrbanJabroni4244d ago

Def Jam Icon
NBA Street Homecourt

I, like I bet a lot of PS3 owners on this board, am going to have a very long night pondering where my $60 is going to go... ;)

(Note, I actually think the other games are pretty good, but they are multi-platform and are really going to have a tough time competing for PS3 sales this week(.

Chagy4244d ago

dej jam for 360 and motorstorm for ps3 i got em reserve

AppleSlime4243d ago

getting def jam on gamefly.

DiLeCtioN4243d ago

only if heavenly sword could be released on the 23.. oh well its out of motorstorm or resistance
ps does any1 know what 1st part titles are coming for the ps3 in march

HungPHAT4243d ago

GRAW AND DEF JAM for 360. Motorstorm for PS3 Got all three pre ordered and paid for ( can't wait busy day )

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