Examiner: Video games as art: Part 1

Examiner writes: "Videogames are a passion to me. This is not an idle interest, waste of time, mindless entertainment nor child's play as many others have suggested, and will continue to suggest. To me, and many like me, videogames are the new art form.

They are worthy of not only discussion, but profound critical analyses, and frankly, I don't see enough true critical analysis of videogames out there in the world. Of course, there are many more qualified than I capable of this task, but as a game zealot and English Literature BA, I feel able enough, and more importantly at this point, willing. One more note before we begin: you will see me use film and written fiction as a comparison anchor quite a bit in my artistic discussions because I believe that the three forms of narrative are linked thematically, as well as in scope and structure. Well, that and those are two other areas in which I consider myself something of an expert."

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