Destructoid - Tastes gamey: How Flower was this close to being a Zen experience

Destructoid: "I enjoyed Flower on PSN. In fact, I thought it was wonderful. The visuals were pretty, the score was gorgeous, the control was smooth and fluid. I was ready for something different when I downloaded the game; something I'd never played before, outside of Thatgamecompany's previous offering."

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myothercar3534d ago

I for one am glad to hear that it's NOT just a mindless romp in a field. Flower's a GAME, and I don't see why anyone would want their GAME to be so lacking in GAMEplay. If I want FULL zen, I'll lie down, do some drugs and listen to Jimi Hendrix mp3s with the PS3 visualizer playing.

Milky Joe3534d ago

Yeah. TBH, if it was just a 'wind sim' where you blew some petals around a field, you'd get bored pretty fast. I actually really enjoyed playing through Flower. It's still uber zenny, it's just uber zenny with an ultimate aim.

GrandTheftZamboni3534d ago

I flew over the meadow expecting to find a tractor or at least a lawn mower. Instead I fell asleep and woke up restful. What the hell happened to my adrenaline???