Syphon Filter 5 is the answer to Metal Gear on the PS3


"Syphon Filter was one of the most popular franchises on the PSOne back in the day. It was also once considered to be a direct contender to Metal Gear Solid on the PSOne. However, after a long slumber on the PSP, the game may make a next gen comeback to give the Metal Gear franchise a run for its money.

I have fond memories of the original Syphon Filter game developed by Eidetic studios (now known as Sony Bend). You could say that the first Syphon Filter game put third person shooters on the map. Back in 1999, Syphon Filter was considered to be Metal Gear Solid's direct competitor in the stealth-action genre. Both games were released three months of each other so it was natural that the games would be scrutinized and compared."

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sinncross5629d ago

While I think it's great and all that Syphon Filter is finally making it's way to the PS3, I seriously hope Sony Bend do not stop PSP development cause I felt they were on par with Ready and Dawn on the platform, and I can honestly see many Sony first party spinoffs being handled by them if the main developer can not.

gaffyh5629d ago

I hope they have the crazy taser like in the first game. That was awesome lol.

AnttiApina5629d ago

Talking about taser, I killed every guy with it :D . I loved Syphon Filter 2! Mental hospital scene was awesome and boss fights rocked my socks.

Number three was wicked! I tased one female and he screamed with male sound (lol)!

eelnats20005629d ago

comparing this to a franchise like Metal Gear is a bold claim.

They shouldnt really do that. I believe this will be a great game for sure, but putting it in direct competition with MGS in the eyes of the gamers isnt the best idea.

Graphics Whore5629d ago

How is it competing over Metal Gear? The comparison between this is meager to none.

Kleptic5629d ago (Edited 5629d ago )

totally agreed...they were compared because of the dynamic third person aspect and their release dates back then...but the gameplay of both was pretty different...while both where great, the only competition was that they were both fighting for attention on a platform that dominated everything else...

and its probably a given that the next Metal Gear will be multiplat...so I do agree with syphon filter possibly being a franchise to come in and take some stress away from that...but it will hardly fill any 'metal gear void' that this article points towards...while MGS4 is definitely the most similar MG game to SF (as it allows the most action based gameplay), I still don't see SF filling in any gaps there...

if anything this is just good news that Sony is most likely bringing back a strong franchise to their flagship hardware...I personally love these legacy PS franchises being resurrected on the PS3...Warhawk, the upcoming Twisted Metal, were/are welcome additions to the PS3's lineup imo...

NicCageMYHero5629d ago

It's rare when someone writes a thought provoking comment that is not filled with fanboyism...kudos

CobraKai5629d ago

when they say that one game is the answer to another, doesn't it normally mean that it is on another platform. The ps3 doesn't need an answer to it's own game.

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The gaming GOD5629d ago

At least that's how I remember the first one on ps1. Besides, why would it need to be an "answer" to Metal Gear anyway. It's not competing against Metal Gear.

And if it isn't a stealth game, it can't be a successor to Metal Gear either.

Once again, the media and bloggers are starting hype-like rumors. Look, the bottom line is if Syphon Filter isn't about stealth, then it's no "answer" or "successor" to Metal Gear

heyheyhey5629d ago (Edited 5629d ago )

Syphon Filter is a stealth-action game, just like Metal Gear so the games are homologous

but as someone has said below me... what was the question?

cayal5629d ago

There isn't much stealth in Syphon Filter if I recall correctly (but I only played 1 and 2 and a looooooooooong time ago so my memory may be wrong).

cactuschef5629d ago

I remember playing the first Syphon Filter, and I did no sneaking what so ever. I do remember the taser though, and how you could shock foes until they caught on fire. I was blown away at the time.

Darkfiber5629d ago

I think this guy got Splinter Cell mixed up with Syphon Filter...

theEnemy5629d ago


Although for me both games are tied.

1. Metal Gear
2. Syphon Filter
2. Splinter Cell


Kleptic5629d ago

I only played SF1...and it was very different gameplay wise from Metal Gear Solid...but MGS4 could be considered more like SF1 I guess...as MGS4 has the least amount of stealth gameplay of any of them...or rather, the least amount if you want to play it that way...

either way though...an SF remake will probably be heavy on the action side...

cayal5629d ago

Splinter Cell is an excellent series and I think it is more 'stealthy' than Syphon Filter is and probably a more apt comparison.

QuackPot5629d ago

And the developers need to rework the game alot to do itself justice on the Ps3.

The sequels on the Ps2 never lived up to the original.

But it is a franchise that deserves a next gen makeover. Just loved the Taser.

Avto5629d ago

There were no sequels on the PS2, there was just one that would be Syphon Filter 4 or The Omega Strain, the other game was ported from PSP by Buzz Monkey Software and they are bad. Yeah, I do agree with you Taser was great, buy the first two games were great not just because of the Taser. I think, that after Syphon Filter 2 it took gaming industry like five years to make another 3rd person shooter as good as that.