Japan's XBL Sign-Up Rate-Highest In The World?


Kotakuite pokemogu sent along article from Yukan Fuji about how Xbox Live's doing in The Land of the Rising Sun. And how is it doing? Much, much better. Japan's Xbox Live sign-up rate is now highest in the world, thanks to THE [email protected]

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power of Green 4334d ago (Edited 4334d ago )

It sure does take them awhile some times but once they decide it's a cool new fad things take off like wildfire.

marionz4334d ago

games like lost planet halp i guess, trusty bell looks like it will do well too

JasonXE4334d ago

If i hear that phrase again, I swear im gonna kill someone.

kamakazi4334d ago

land of the rising sun.....ok GO!!!!

no_more_heroes4334d ago

especially their new video. White people music confuses me and the music videos are even more confusing.

calderra4334d ago

This news makes me very, very sad.
Having THE [email protected] be the game to turn things around in Japan is...
It's like...
I'm not even going there.

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