Why Is There So Much Hate Towards Resident Evil 5?

PAYBACK-IRONMAN from Hiphopgamershow writes:

I've been a fan of Resident Evil since it was released on the Playstation almost 10 years ago. Capcom basically wrote the book on survival horror when this came out and thus they created one of the most influential and important games ever made. Then just 4 years ago Capcom changes the enitre formula of the franchise and they create "Resident Evil 4? which some call the best in the series and one of the best games ever period.

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TrevorPhillips3531d ago

the game is not crap alright i mean if the aiming speed feels slow go options and set it to fastest and for gameplay you will get used to it and the demo is just a demo watch when ull play the full game and reach other levels u will be suprised.

no1safe3531d ago

Changing sensitivity won't let you walk while aiming, will it? The game would be probably awesome (judging from demo) if they would change controls...

drewdrakes3531d ago

Those are how the Resident Evil controls are. How long did you give yourself to get used to them? If you only played for a few minutes then you shouldnt be telling them to change the controls.

bushfan3531d ago

maybe a little but Not like Dead Space in which you really have a sense of horror and a need to run away from enemies; I love RE4 but the zombies are still the same, i wonder what could it be if they were faster and smarter.

It's just me but maybe i will rent it, to know the story but i don't see RE5 a contender for game of the year, it's like RE4 with nice graphics and sounds only

vickers5003531d ago

On this website, it's because it's not a ps3 exclusive. That's why.

N4Sony3531d ago

Even fanboy insulting me wouldn't agree that the lack of the almighty PS3 exclusivity tag isn't what's causing this game to be crap. I've played the demo a few times, TRYING to get used to the action.

The problem isn't the control scheme, or the fact you can't move and shoot. That's fine, that's RE. The problem is that the game doesn't get the pacing right. Not the zombies, not in interaction WITH the controls, not with the aiming. NOTHING.

THAT's the problem. The whole experience doesn't add up as everything is out of wack pacing wise. It's not balanced. It's messy and for a series that is quickly becoming a shooter and NOT a survival-horror, that's unacceptable.

My guess? Most overrated 2009.

dantesparda3531d ago

That's really simple. It's because of the controls! Heck its not even the controls per se, but quite simply put, the inability to at least walk while you're aim. Sh!t, i would be happy with at least that, it doesnt have to be "run" and gun, "walk" and gun would be good enough for me.

And i have been there since the beginning (RE1) and have always liked the RE series and loved RE4 and thought that it was one of the best games ever made. But in this day and age the RE control scheme just doesnt cut anymore for me and it seems like alot of people also.

And Vickers chill out man, you're driving yourself crazy with all this PS3 fanboy hate. And N4Sony, let me know when the 360 fanboy bashing comes in, cuz so far all I've seen is PS3 fanboy bashing.

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Baba19063531d ago

i absolutly loved the demo. playing it splitscreen with a friend is the most awsome thiong ever. its kind of scary if u know that u have to protect yourself and your friend and share the ammunition and weapons, in a fair way.

Rock Bottom3531d ago

Split screen is the only reason I'm buying this for.

TrevorPhillips3531d ago

Im a big fan of resident evil games and capcom

Playa79703531d ago

its because you cant run and gun

BLUR1113531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

Resident Evil should not have run and gun if it did everyone would just blast through the game in no time. and with a partner that would be way too easy

Go play the club or COD then.

You people act like this is the first Resident Evil you have played.

BLUR1113531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

<------------ look in the Gamer Zone at Kushan 5. comment. that is why some of you people hate it

face it. there is too many shooter fans that are closed minded.

I didn't know so many noobs was members of this site lmao

Bathyj3531d ago

What yo're saying is fair enough Blur, but its Capcom that made the game so action oriented. They MADE it a slightly scarey (I assume they left some slower scarey bits in it) 3rd person shooter.

You cant make so many zombies, make them so fast, put you in an inclosed space, and then act suprised people want better controls, especially in this post Gears/Uncharterd age.

My favourite RE was 2 and I can still play it now because the pacing of the game suits the controls, which were never great anyway. The controls simply dont suit the pace of the game now.

bujasem_893531d ago

omg who ever said they hated RE5 so can we just make stuff up now? lol i mean i know there were allot of rumors but to bring something tht is not there nor it ever will be??? i mean come on this one's a little too much dont u think try to lower it down so tht ppl can believe i just wanted to see this so tht i could laugh to be honest

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TrevorPhillips3531d ago

who cares about run and gun wont go good with it let me ask you something have u played resident evil 4 ok if u have how come u didnt complain about that when it didnt have run and gun ha?

GamerPS3603531d ago


I am buying RE5, I actually have paid in full already. But, I do have problem with control. I don't want arcade run and gun but I would love to see gear of war style run and gun without cover system of course to compensate with the amount of enemy you get on screen and I also, would like to see enemies little more aggressive.

And I have played RE4, I still have the game. I was pro RE4 player with handcock unlocked (you know unlocking handcock is not easy).