Thunderbolt Games Review Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3

Andrew Murray, Thunderbolt Games: "Time machines, eh? They're always causing trouble, whether they're helping Marty McFly get into all kinds of shenanigans in 1955, or even allowing Arnie to come back and attempt to kill Sarah Connor. Red Alert's entire story is based on the work of these pesky contraptions. Albert Einstein travelling back in time to kill Hitler and stop World War 2 from happening inadvertently led to the rise of the Soviet Union as the dominant power with no Nazi Germany to oppose it, leading to the Soviet invasion of Europe.

Red Alert 3 begins with a desperate Soviet Union seemingly on the brink of defeat to the Allies, but the Soviets aren't down and out yet, oh no, they've got an ace up their sleeve; their own time machine. So off they pop back to 1927 to kill Albert Einstein (who developed a lot of the Allies' superior technology), unsurprisingly this has dire implications in the future. Now instead of just fighting the Allies, the Soviets have stopped nuclear weapons from existing and unwittingly turned the world into a multi-polar struggle for world domination. A new faction emerges; The Empire of the Rising Sun. Not a good day at the office if you're a Soviet."

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