Street Fighter IV: Oz Style - Bill Gates V's Sir Howard Stringer for global supremacy

OXCGN Writes:

"...this unique new site has just gone live and it will allow you to impose any face you might wish to upload onto the various characters of Street Fighter IV and allow them to battle it out creating video clips which you can then upload to your various Share Site pages, such as My Space, Blogger etc pages. Email the clips to friends or show them off on YouTube. The possibilities are endless."

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Immortal Kaim3533d ago

LOL what an awesome concept.

XboxOZ3603533d ago

That was HEAPS of fun . .and if you want to check it out and make your own, just follow the details on the site . .

Godem3533d ago

Can I say.... "Meh"

Will marketing like this really sell more copies? If you could do this IN the actual game though, now that would be something cool!

Immortal Kaim3533d ago

I suppose it gets people talking about the game... Though as you said, it would be awesome if you could actually do it in the game?

XboxOZ3603533d ago

Well you new know - now do you????????

darkmurder3533d ago

This is a pretty sweet ass idea.

Kushan3533d ago

Well....that's pretty random....

XboxOZ3603533d ago

Please explain . . Random ??? not the word but the comment . .

Kushan3533d ago

As in it's weird, strange and unusual.

XboxOZ3603533d ago

Bit like your head wear then .. heheheh.

But doing this is seriously funny if you pick ppl that are easily recognizable when imposed on the characters .. Go nuts and have some serious fun.

And yes, it beats the hell out of complaining about Gears 2 or Killzone 2 etc.

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