Video Game Warzone #31: Who's Really A Game Journalist And Who's Not?

Torrence Davis of The Bitbag writes, "On todays show we debate journalism, what it is and what it's not. Can bloggers be journalists? Can a journalist be a blogger? Do you need a degree in journalism to become a journalist? We tackle all these questions and come up with some definitive answers. Also on the show:

* What 5 games would you take to the grave with you? (Commenters please list yours!)
* PS3 SFIV selling out like crazy.
* We talk about the possibility of Final Fantasy XIII being delayed til 2011 and what Square SHOULD do.
* Killzone 2 demo not up to par with the review build? It's unanimous!
* Wii games at comic con.
* Ghostbusters looks like an animated movie
* and much much more!"

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ThatCanadianGuy3628d ago

5)Zelda links awakening
4)Shadow of the colossus
3)Suikoden (shut up ! I love it)
2)Metal gear solid 3
1)Metal gear solid 4

That's mine.Whats yours?

Lifendz3628d ago

let me say that though I never reported a HHG article, I was one of the people that said the grammar in some of his articles was so bad I would never read one of his articles again. I still look at a "journalist" that can't write a grammatically correct article as being similiar to a mechanic that can't fix cars. It's just so centric to the entire process of being a journalist IMO.

But my five games to take to the grave are:
Final Fantasy III (U.S)
Little Big Planet (Replay Value)
Guardian Heroes
Castlevania Symphony of the Night.

Downloading the show now and I can't wait to hear what I hope will be a significant improvement now that the show uses teamspeak.

1 luv and God bless.

gambare3628d ago

1.- TLoZ: aLttP
2.- Stacraft
3.- TLoZ:OoT
4.- FFVI (snes)

lociefer3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

well , i adore these games to death , hell , i might even play them with jesus if i make it this far

1-god of war 2
4-shadow of colossus
5-god of war 3 ( DUUHH )

Simon_Brezhnev3628d ago

1. way
2. too
3. many
4. great
5. games

Aclay3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

My 5 games I'd take to the grave:

1.Metal Gear Solid 3
2.Metal Gear Solid 4
3.Shadow of the Colossus
4.God of War 2
5.Jak 2

and just for kicks, I'll name 5 more games:

- Donkey Kong Country 2
- Sypro 3
- Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped
- Gran Turismo 3

soxfan20053628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

My 5 games:

1)Donkey Kong
3)Outrun 2 - Xbox version. (Only because it also includes the original arcade version as well as the sequel)
4)Thunder Force III - Sega Genesis (Best horizontal shooter ever)
5)Ms. Pac Man

Amazing that 3 of my 5 favorite games all came out in the same year - 1981. Best year ever for video games. Other 1981 games include Frogger, Centipede, Tempest, and Gorf. Most of these games are still around today - 28 years later, either still being produced in original form, or having created legendary characters.

Lifendz3627d ago

tell them you pay .50 for sneakers"

Really? Dawg, you are off the plantation.

50 bucks compared to .50 cents? And remember, you don't have to buy anything in Home. You don't have to use Home. So many podcasters out there continue to overlook that. I don't have to pay money to not use home. I don't even use home. I play games online. Really getting old having people act like the things PSN charges you for are things you HAVE to buy.

You guys opened saying Home is lame and then went on to bish about having to pay for outfits. Here's a tip: Don't use it!

tordavis3627d ago

I know you don't HAVE to pay for stuff on Home but I still think it's funny that Sony is charging for a beta. Don't take that statement too serious bro.

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peedie163628d ago

God Of War
Resident Evil
Mortal Kombat 2

tordavis3628d ago

I hope to see a lot of people talking about games instead of arguing in this post.

Nice start so far!

Beg For Mercy3628d ago

whatsup torrence good job with everything you have been doin, but heres my list.

1.God Of War
2.Resident Evil Gamecube Remake
3.Resident Evil Code Veronica X
4.Metal Gear Solid 2
5.Super Mario 64

Lifendz3628d ago

I made a couple million dollars last year moving weight!"

Can't wait for Fifty to destroy that guy. But yeah, don't let the haters get to you Torrence. Big ups on breaking that barrier in terms of traffic. Can't wait to see what you guys are doing when you can do the BitBag as a full-time job.

socomnick3628d ago

Sigh i would discuss , I like you torrence but i cant stand hip hop idiot.

darkseid13628d ago

Ninja Gaiden 2
Double Dragon(A true Classic)
FIFA Soccer
God Of War

Consoldtobots3627d ago

I think anyone can be a journalist, you just have to follow the rules of fairplay for a story. AS IN REPORTING BOTH SIDES, just facts, no opinions.

Under that CRITERIA every blogger out there FAILS, even you.

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ultimolu3628d ago

My games?

1. God of War
2. God of War II
3. FFX
4. MGS4
5. Ninja Gaiden Sigma. :3

JOLLY13628d ago

Halo 3
Forza 2
Carneyvale Showtime
Ninja Gaiden
Geometry Wars

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