Emotiv here to make impossible possible

Is this the future for gaming? Could this be next gen material or just another pile of junk that doesn't work. Its called Emotiv EPOC and it breaks the boundaries for controllers. first Wii came out with motion sensor controllers but this is way past hand held objects. You are now able to control things with your brain.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi3535d ago

lame lame lame
Lame to the super freaking max!!!!!!!!!!!
never ever ever in life would i ever hook that piece of crap to my brain. Then it breaks and screws up your psyche. Throw that idea in file 13...right next to bush's bail out plan, and hilary clinton's fashion sense.

Kushan3535d ago

You might think differently if you ever break your spine.

xabmol3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

You think total control and immersion is lame? You think VR is lame? You hated the move The Matrix? You don't wand video games to improve? You have no imagination?

Awookie3535d ago

I agree this is lame. Shave my head to wear this ugly and probably uncomfortable controller? no thanks. What if i want to lie down? looks more fragile then the original xbox mic. What if my mom/friend is talking to me? What if im thinking about what i should do in the future like in an rts? I just don't see this happening

DeadlyFire3535d ago

You don't have to shave anything. In the future device will get smaller and more convenient. First drafts of any idea are always bulky and fragile.

lilgringo3535d ago

It only READS the electric activity in your brain, it doesn't send anything.
This technology isn't entirely new, although i doubt this would be effective when playing video games since I imagine you would have to conciously think what buttons to press. It's probably only compatible with centain game, otherwise it'd be kind of a pain in the ass to constantly think "up up up up up up up up..." when running in like ninja gaiden or something, not to mention performing combos

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AR353535d ago

hahahha naw man this is cool. you just thing of what should happen and it happens! that is crazy, we are used to controlling stuff with controllers well this brings a whole new meaning to gaming now!

ThatOneGuyThere3535d ago

the impossible is only possible at:

(make sure you have speakers on)

Leio3535d ago

I´d be fun to beat Psycho- mantis with this control xD

shawnsl653535d ago

if sometime later, 100~500 years into the future, they were to perfect this... fighting games will get a whole lot crazier.

Sean Ryno3535d ago

I really don't think so. I mean if your gonna learn that much about fighting, why not just fight? I've been training in MMA for a while now and believe me, fighting in a video game just doesn't touch the experience of goin' toe to toe with another guy that thinks he can beat you just as much as you think you can beat him. In my opinion, "realistic" fighting games are unneccesary when almost every big city in the country has a gym training MMA and it's relatively cheap to train for.

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The story is too old to be commented.