Rumor: Nintendo to add DVD Playback to Wii

A reader over at gaming site Go Nintendo may have some insight to Nintendo's plans about DVD playback in the Wii. An email response from Nintendo sheds some light on a possible hardware revision.

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Boink4298d ago

DVD playback in a game console...that is so next gen!!!!!

seriously, the wii is looking less and less interesting as time goes on.

on a side note, my kid just tried it out over the weekend(he's 5 1/2) and in the middle of the store he yells "this is stupid" and no longer wants one for his birthday. lol!

Torch4297d ago

So what's your point?

cuco334298d ago

i've read that all the US wii needs is a firmware update to unlock the dvd capabilities. it's just a plus, like 360 does dvd, like ps3 does dvd/BR. it isn't a selling feature but it'ld be nice to have when the wii is in a room that doesn't have any dvd players. remember that with certain things nintendo has been a little slow in adapting (current dvd playback, online modes, violent gaming, mature 3rd party titles, etc)

boink, your kid is the only one i have ever heard not wanting one. maybe you didn't play the right game... mention pokemen, and soon to be pokemon online like in japan. you won't be able to get him away from it

PS360WII4298d ago (Edited 4298d ago )

Sorry your bait worked on me because I think your story is a load of made up gibberish just like this one. All of my friends in college tried out the 360 the other day and they thought it was the worst thing that could of ever come out. They want nothing else but a PS3 and a Wii now cuz those are the real next-gen machines out there. See stupid.

And DVD playback is not really a gen thing for gaming. If dvd was part of a gen it would be last gen... so are you saying the 360 is a last gen machine?

ChickeyCantor4298d ago (Edited 4298d ago )

i even bet he doesnt have a kid too!

and yeah DVD isnt raelly needed........we have like 8 dvd players .....why do we want 9?

grifter0244298d ago

360 was a complete garbage console?? Is that what your saying ps3wii????? Plus you go on to say that the ps3 and the wii are the only true next gen consoles?? Wow What makes the wii and the ps3 better overall then the xbox360???? I mean the only thing ps3 has on the 360 is BR movies which that is all ....the WII I have to admit I have never used one but it seems like a blast. Next time make up a story that is believable before you spew your fake biased opinion on here ok ... :) DVD playback is always good not everyone has 8 dvd players and letting your console do double duty is a blessing for some people.. I use to use my 360 for my dvd's and hddvd's but now I have an OPPO upconversion dvd player that put's my dvd's in 1080p thru HDMI... couldnt be happier the hddvd's still look crisper but at 1080p my whole dvd collection cant be beat.

The Snake4298d ago

I think he was being sarcastic in regards to an earlier comment.

PS360WII4297d ago

Couldn't help it and thank you The Snake for realizing it. No console is garbage seeing that they are all selling. PS3 is getting the games, Wii is still selling strong, and 360 is still in the lead. To Grown Folks Talk try out Sonic or SSX. Those just came out and are fine additions to the Wii library and this month still gets a PoP game and Tiger. Should be a nice month

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