8 new in-game Operation Flashpoint 2 screens found

8 New in-game images of Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising have been found.

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edwineverready3533d ago

I think this will be the next multi platform hit. graphics look great

y0haN3533d ago

No. This game is a tactical game, it's for the fans (like ArmA) and will never go mainstream. Frankly it takes too much thought for the average console gamer than Call of Duty or Killzone.

cactuschef3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

Hey nice grammar. This game won't sell as well as other FPS because it is a tactical shooter, not because "console gamers are stupid". Tactical shooters just have a smaller audience than the run and gun fast paced shooters.

y0haN3533d ago

Thanks, nice spelling before. And usually when you quote, it has to be a real quote. Even if you are paraphrasing that is not what I was getting at.

BattleAxe3533d ago

Which game do you guys think will be better, ArmA 2 or Operation Flashpoint 2?

I think Operation Flashpoint 2 looks a bit better.

Carbide73533d ago

It should look pretty good, it's using the EGO Engine, the same one used in Dirt and GRID.

phosphor1123533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

then again, I haven't looked anything up on it really. I just hear xbox fanboys bring games like this up when comparing the ps3's and 360's games. (even though it's multiplat? lol). Graphics do look nice though, but games these days are really showing us that graphics are only going to get better.

Edit: I watched the available trailers for OF2, looks ok, nothing amazing since it's all cgi trailer. We have all seen our fair share of cgi war game trailers. Anyway, if they want it "realistic" I hope it's going to be like Red Orchestra, I love that game. Most realistic FPS ever. I would love to see a game like that on console.

Big Frank3533d ago


" just hear xbox fanboys bring games like this up when comparing the ps3's and 360's games. (even though it's multiplat? lol)."

Your a little mistaken there. Your might be referring to all the creeps here saying "killzone is going to killzOWN" and all that nonsense. The xbox gamers were just saying "hang on a second, KZ2 isn't even going to be the best FPS this quarter, let alone this year. The defining FPS this year will be OF2".

The original Flashpoint is one of the greatest games ever made, hopefully the sequel will be the same(my bets it will)

MNicholas3533d ago

but perhaps the gameplay will be good. One should never judge a book by it's cover.

cactuschef3532d ago

"Even if you are paraphrasing that is not what I was getting at."

Your going to get on my case for a spelling mistake when you write sentences like that?

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Sony Rep3533d ago

Looks pretty decent. Haven't seen any gameplay yet...

ASSASSYN 36o3533d ago

Youtube has tons of gameplay footage.

power of Green 3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

Take a look at the game footage in video #2 or Operation Flashpoint 2 in game

ASSASSYN 36o3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

As a fan of operation flashpoint series. This is my most anticipated title.

There's over 70 weapons all recreated realistically. Every bolt, switch and rivet is accurate, even the stuff you can't see. There are no hidden pockets in the game, big guns like rocket launchers have to be put carried in pieces and put together before firing. There will also be 50 vehicles in the game, including air, naval and land vehicles.

Everything is faithfully simulated; firing, reloading, assembly of weapons etc.

The island the game takes place on has 220 km² of terrain, it takes 20 hours<-(So I have read at the op flash forums) in real time to walk across the island!

dachiefsman3533d ago

sounds like a CoD killer and battlefield all in one game. I have been impressed ever since seeing the first trailer.

edwineverready3533d ago

Will it be multi disc. it sounds like a big game. and it also has great graphics.

TheIneffableBob3533d ago

I think ArmA 2 looks better. The art styles are different, though. ArmA 2 is going for hyper-realism in its lighting, as is apparent in how dull and drab it looks, whereas Operation Flashpoint 2 has a more stylized look.

outlawlife3533d ago

the lighting in arma2 isn't going for ultra realism, it just isnt that good

everything has this outrageous light cast on it, it isn't "real" at all

flashpoint has more realistic lighting engine than arma 2, the character models in arma as well as some of the textures just look weird

the soldiers look like they are gi joe dolls

flashpoint isn't stylized as much as it is done with a higher quality of work

BattleAxe3533d ago

@ Outlawlife

I was thinking the same thing.

outlawlife3533d ago

those screenshots you posted are with the exception on 1 publicity shots meant to show off the game

if you got look at others you'll see what i mean immediately

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Hallucinate3533d ago

heh i remeber playing the first arma...was a pretty good game..but super open world shooters arnt that fun...but its the gran turismo of shooters

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