New Heavenly Sword Video

Recently in Canada, the latest episode of Heroes (ep 18) was aired and featured some strategic advertising by Sony. The episode features a few seconds of never before seen footage of Heavenly Sword on the Playstation 3, and boy does it look tasty.

Here is a clip of the scene, there are no spoilers in this clip:


Added link to direct-feed version of the video at (see Alternative Sources)

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wildcat5818d ago

But WOW! Man was that cool. This game is going to have some crazy action, I can just tell.

macsto5818d ago

Hell yes, this game is looking amazing.

DJ5818d ago

The camera work is awesome, the graphics are awesome. They better show more of this at GDC!

happygamer5818d ago

this game is going to be fun, i cant wait for it, i dont really keep up with news that much or anything else so can someone tell me when this game is coming out?

wildcat5818d ago (Edited 5818d ago )

it ranges from June to Q3 '07 and maybe even farther

Keyser5818d ago

I'd better get some pledge wipes for my 360. It may be sitting undisturbed for awhile...