PS3 Tops Famitsu's Latest Most Wanted List - PS2 now 2nd

Famitsu Most Wanted Charts the PS3 has the most games on the list - The next-gen is here with the Ps3 with 7 games on the most wanted games list, shadowing the ps2 with 5games, the DS 4games, and the Wii and Xbox360 are neck and neck with 2games.

On another note...Halo 3 is more wanted than there a revolution happening in Japan...?

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wildcat4271d ago

I pressed report on accident. Didn't mean to.

techie4271d ago

lol you fool. You can cancel the report can't you...?

wildcat4271d ago

I can't approve it now either. Really sorry though.

eques judicii4271d ago

wow... didn't know anyone in japan actually wanted halo 3... amazing..

UrbanJabroni4271d ago (Edited 4271d ago )

"Biohazard 5 PS3 Capcom 1.362"

Also to be released on Xbox 360.

Of course, only five or six blind Japanese people will actually play the game _on_ the 360...but I just wanted to head off any flamewars before they started. ;)

Bathyj4271d ago

One of the posts below the list said RE5 wasn't going to be released in Japan on Xbox. Anyone know if thats true? Sounds stupid to me, I think its false but anyone know for sure? Anyway its still 2 for XB cos they're saying they want it on PS3.

To the article, things are deffinately looking up on PS3. Its getting to the point where I can hardly hear the complaining anymore. All the good news is drowning it out.

smeg0rz4271d ago

I think your the gay one... I didnt know an electrical device could be classed as gay.. Well done for your fantastic comment, i hope you didnt have to signup to post that...

1 xbox360 game, oh well best MS have done there in a while i surpose.

techie4270d ago

Lol his first post. bless. Welcome Harry.

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The story is too old to be commented.