Jared Zabransky on the Cover and Leadership Control for NCAA 08

Article detailing some of the new features for the 2008 version, this comes not a moment too soon, since fans have been upset with the recent versions' lack of innovation and features. The suprise cover is given to the QB for Boise, who has led the Broncos to a 32-5 record as starter, and upset Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl. Game will incorporate the winning Statue of Liberty play from that game, in addition to rating users on their abilities, not the abilities of a computer controlled player catching a bad pass. Recruiting also sees a face-lift in the area of ease of use.

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Rasputin20114271d ago

I am a huge football fan so loving NCAA football & Madden are in my genes..but as of late I have not been impressed with them. I recently played NCAA football 07 and did enjoy it but I cant really say the same for Madden at all like I still think that Madden on PS2 is more enjoyable but anyways my overall point is that it is about time that some NEW feats and innovations get incorporated into the NCAA & Madden franchises. SO we know NCAA is doing some changes and one can only hope that Madden will do the same.

lil bush4271d ago

id agree cause it needs something new and innovative and i think this is what it needs