New Forza Motorsport 2 In-Game Video

New 9 minutes in-game video of Forza 2 with comentaries of a couple of the producers of Forza Motorsport 2.

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TR0N4435d ago (Edited 4435d ago )

that if that is how the game is going to look , then i'm very very dissapointed even though i am a xbox fan (check my previous posts if you don't believe me). As far as gameplay forza is superior to gran turismo but these graphics just don't look right, they are too stylized ( the cars look highly detailed but like if they are made out of cardboard, I dont know how to explain it but it just doesnt look right), heck even sega GT on xbox 1 looked better than this. What gives Microsoft? This is complete BS!

You know what i just back traced that video to game trailers and it's interesting that it is in the user videos section, i hope this is just a hoax video made by a sony fanboy using forza 1 footage

FordGTGuy4435d ago

Stop getting so uptight the game is going into the polishing period right now and has 5 weeks to look good as hell. The game will look finished when its finished not any earlier.

MoonDust4435d ago (Edited 4435d ago )

They get the physics right first and then work on the graphics, it's not polished. Stop judging games on the alpha version. The original Forza, the alpha looked worlds apart from the finished version. It's like halo alpha, it's not how the game looks.

UrbanJabroni4435d ago

Having played the latest build, I found the game to look gorgeous. But since I'm just a random person on a message board, why don't you check out 1up's coverage? They loved it, it has some incredible features (support for 8 hdtv's as a surround view, ability to sell cars and paint jobs online, force feedback wheel with rumble, INCREDIBLE realism). Apparently, the last 5 weeks will be spent on graphics.

"heck even sega GT on xbox 1 looked better than this. "

The hyperbole on this site is ridiculous. This comment made me curious, so I decided to look back through your posts and, who would have thought, you have quite the secret bias going on.

GUESS WHAT? Forza AND GT can both be great games.

grifter0244435d ago

Urban hehe Somehow you getting that many bubbles loses all crediblity to me and I dont really listen to what you say :) Forza and GT can never both be great games .. You wanna know why because Fanboys will never let them both be great games. I never really played GT only when I went to my friends house. I like Sega GT and thought it was pretty cool.. I get kinda bored with racing games but with Forza you have so much to do I cant wait for this game....

SimmoUK4435d ago

The cars will never look as real as GT's, do you know how many people work at Polyphony and how talented that group of developers is, mix that up with the funds from previous succesful GT's. Anyone who is expecting this to look really good is going to be sorely dissapointed because Polyphonic are a very special Sony inhouse team. So yeah this game looks meh at best...

Dragonopolis4435d ago

I will be impress considering Highend PCs don't do 8 hdtvs and generally to output different screens PCs generally offer more than one dvi/hdmi out - xbox 360 only has the one component cable. Be nice to see how that is achieved on xbox 360 especially with only one component out.

rakkasan4435d ago

They were using one xbox 360 per tv.

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The story is too old to be commented.