SplitFish EdgeFX Mouse Control Demo Video

SplitFish has been making some waves throughout the gaming community with the introduction of several unique control peripherals such as the MotionFX and the EdgeFX. We've got a video preview for you here of the PS2's EdgeFX. The EdgeFX allows you to use FPS controls that are traditionally used only by PCs with mouse controls. Rumble is also include in the mouse controller. Watch the video below to see how buttons are configured and how it plays on a couple of PS2 games. The EdgeFX makes it easier crossover to PS2 FPS games for gamers that prefer mouse controls.
A PS3 version, the FragFX, was recently previewed by IGN. Sounds like a nice fit for Resistance: Fall of Man. We'll see if it gives any players online any advantages!

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Violater4245d ago

sucks at playing those games, he didnt make me want to go out and buy one, but ehh maybe it was the games.

Bathyj4245d ago

I'm so getting one of those. Dream come true.

hfaze4245d ago

Agreed... I'm nowhere near as proficient with a dual-analog controller as I am with the good 'ol mouse and keyboard...

Now, hopefully it won't take too long to get a PS3 version of this...