First Look: Cipher Complex

Austin-based development studio Edge of Reality is picking 2007 as the year it makes its move. Founded in 1998 as a production house specializing in Nintendo 64 ports (Tony Hawk, Spider-Man), the team is leaving its focus on licensed properties behind (Shark Tale, Pitfall) in favor of new and original IPs. The team's first effort, a next-generation "hide and seek actioner" known as Cipher Complex, will be the company's first strike in an effort to establish itself as a developer to reckon with.

no_more_heroes6192d ago

A more action based Splinter Cell anyone?


I'll be picking up this title for sure on the 360, i don't know why this games listed as a PS3 game when its for both 360 and PS3.

super bill6191d ago

are you sure its coming out for the 360?