Resistance is not futile

Screen Play spoke to Insomniac's President and CEO Ted Price at the recent Australian media launch of PlayStation 3.

Ted: "Hopefully everyone knows this is a first-person shooter. This is a game targeting at hardcore players. When I say hardcore, I mean the guys that have been standing outside games stores at 2 o'clock in the morning two days before the PlayStation 3 launches to get their console.

It's also a game that's exclusively built for the PlayStation 3. We developed the engines and the systems to take advantage of the Cell's power. The game's big. It offers a single-player campaign that takes most people about 12 to 15 hours to play through. You can play it in its entirety in co-op mode, and it has one of the largest online offerings of any console game out there.

I want to talk a little about how we actually use the Cell processor. There's no way we could have made this game on any previous console, simply because there's way too much going on in the game at once. We've got a realistic physics system, enemy AI that's far more sophisticated than what we could have supported before, we've simply got tons of stuff happening.

The reason we can do this without dropping frames on PlayStation 3 is because of the SPUs. The Cell is comprised of a main processor, called the PPU, and a bunch of co-processors called the SPUs. The SPUs are really good at doing math. So we can take complex routines like physics, navigation and collision, and farm them out to each of these SPUs where they are processed in parallel. Because they are possessed in parallel, it simply means that we can get a lot more done per frame. Doing more per frame means that you can have a lot more immersive, more believable experience in the game.

So you can use the PlayStation 3 to create a game that is very detailed, very realistic and looks great. But one of the questions that we asked ourselves early in development was 'Can the PlayStation 3 actually make games that are more fun?' We've come to the conclusion for first-person shooters that the answer is yes, and here's why...."

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Chagy4432d ago

this game is good and if you havent played it yet you got to play it.its a good game good graphics good story good multiplayer. its great a must have for all ps3 owners

DJ4432d ago

This game is insanely fun, and very well done (based from what I've played). Can't wait to see what else they can get the PS3's SPE cores to pull off. Supposedly, for Resistance, they only used 3 out of 7 SPEs, so I'm hoping for great things in Ratchet and Clank Future.

sevenout4432d ago

Am I the only one who was let down by RFOM? I thought the game was fun in a few parts, but honestly, the graphics and gameplay felt very dated.

N4G_FANBOY_CRAP4432d ago

a solid FPS however since playing Rainbow Six, GRAW & gears the lack of a cover system will be missed, but I guess that will be the case for a few FPS, it just makes more sense to "take cover".

40 player online should be insane & you should be able to implement some real strategies not just run to the middle and shotgun the sh$t out of each other which is quite often the case with gears, should be a nice change from the 4 on 4 gears which I'm currently hooked on.

On a side note> UNREAL 3 looks to be another amazing FPS.


And I can honestly say its extremely dull... if it weren't Sony's new halo-killer it probabbly wouldn't even be getting a sequel

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