PlayStation 3 for $10!

A PS3 for ten bucks -- that's right, a PlayStation 3, normally sold for upwards of $500, procured for a single slim Hamilton. Witness the latest in a series of displays of unparalleled chutzpah: a Famiclone, weakly rebranded as a PS3 -- specifically, as a "Next System Playstation Meeting". As you may have already noticed -- get yourself checked out if you haven't -- this particular model looks nothing like a PS3, unlike other efforts to ape next-gen consoles, so if the price didn't set off sirens in your head, the wired controllers probably did.

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Chagy4249d ago

hey is dat those fake consol that come pre loaded with all them games lol i had a playstation clone and all i did on it was play contra its fun but complicated i bought it for 15 buck

grifter0244249d ago

HEHEHEH this was funny becuase it was a SNES haha funny... I would have played Super Mario 3.... fun game... Wow nice colors on the thing.. Wonder if anygames on it will be in highdef with the hdmi cable.>>??

Killer Cop4248d ago

Hasn't this been posted before?

lil bush4248d ago

thats fuuny a fake console i wonder if anybody bought thinking it was the ps3.