WorthPlaying Review: Mechanic Master

WP writes: "Born in 1883, Rube Goldberg was a man of many talents. Most commonly known for being a cartoonist, he was also, among other things, an engineer and inventor. He is most famous for inventing the Rube Goldberg machine, a series of convoluted mechanisms that would join together to accomplish an otherwise simple task; it might involve an elaborate three-hour setup to light a match, for example, or a 17-step process to flip a pancake. Long after his death, the concept he brought to the world has survived, whether in cartoons or in board games or any of a number of other places. The Incredible Machine, another game that follows the same mentality, was a smash hit on the PC and has been impatiently awaited by Nintendo DS fans who want a more portable version. Midway has seized upon this gap and instead offered up the thematically appropriate Mechanic Master. Has Midway hit upon a gold mine, improving upon or at least reaching the quality level of the original? Not exactly."

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