Sony Dropping Blu-ray to $300?

Powered by the launch of the PlayStation 3 game system, sales of Sony Blu-ray titles have surpassed Toshiba HD DVDs.
Tracking of sales on Nielsen VideoScan, as well as, show Blu-ray titles are significantly outpacing the rival format.

Blu-ray DVDs accounted for a 65 percent share of the market for the week ended Feb. 18, according to data from Nielsen. That marks a reversal from late November, when HD-DVD accounted for 63 percent of sales.

Similarly, of the top 10 titles currently available in the formats on, Blu-ray titles averaged a sales rank of 246, while HD DVD titles averaged 763 earlier this week...

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Chagy4247d ago

for people that want to get a Blu-Ray player

kingboy4247d ago

wow!competition is good

specialguest4247d ago

Once that price drops to $300, there will be no stoping Blu-ray.

kornbeaner4247d ago

$300 if that keeps up this soon in the game the price difference between a Good Blu-Ray player and Good DVD player are gonna so minute that consumers might as well jump ship to a HD standard and Blu-Ray will be there. Great for sony and for PS3 owners who don't have to worry about the built in Blu-Ray player going by way of Beta-max.

Scrumptious4247d ago

Remember the $200 HD-DVD players will be released in the summer. The cheapest Blu-Ray player will be the Sony $600 oneOR A PS3. I think this year will be the true battle between Blu-Ray and HD-DVD, as they are approaching the magic price points that consumers will actually purchase them. Personally, I have been holding out to see who will win. It is still too early to call it.

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The story is too old to be commented.