Half-Life 2 Short Film - Escape From City 17 - Part One

Holy crap it's been done, epic win, awesome. The Purchase Brothers have made a short film titled, "Escape from City 17" based on Half-Life 2 and it's live action awesomeness, being a total Half-Life 2 fan, this is win of the week. Epic.

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Capt CHAOS5226d ago

I see more of these type of shortfilms coming out..

Chubear5226d ago (Edited 5226d ago )

That is the sickest thing I've seen in a long time. It'd be cool as heck to have these kind of short films on the same disc as the games.
This made me want to go back to finish the game on it's highest difficulty, SWEET.

miasma5226d ago (Edited 5226d ago )

That was pretty impressive for $500.00. That short film sequence trumps some of the garbage coming out of hollywood lately.

I could easily see this getting picked up by the Sci-Fi network and be the next big television series. Like Battlestar Galactica. hell, i might start watching TV again if this was on...

Actually, scratch that last idea of TV, leave it on the net, this way there isn't anyone (networks) screwing it up...

skapunkmetalskater5226d ago

It's the best independent live action videogame adaptation I've seen so far!

christian hour5226d ago

Really reminds me of Neil Blomkamps Independant stuff. Style wise and how its shot. Anyone else happy to hear that him and peter jackson are making a feature length version of alive in joburg instead of a halo movie?

Anyone who doesnt know check out alive in joburg and you'll see waht I mean. (the movie its been made into is called district 9)

Anyway this was AWESOME! I really liked it alot. Definitely want to see more of this!

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