Forza 2: 60fps, Better Physics and PGR3-like TV Confirmed

In an exclusive interview with Xbox World Australia, Dan Greenawalt from Microsoft Game Studios has confirmed that Turn 10, the Forza 2 development team, has already achieved 60fps at 720p for the game's visuals:

"While it's never "easy" to squeeze in the high level of detail we have, the Xbox 360's power has made this an achievable target at 60fps and 720p with 12 unique, customizable and damage-able cars on track at once."

At the same time, Turn 10 has been able to improve physics even further:

"The increased power of Xbox 360 has allowed us to showcase our incredible physics engine to even greater effect. The physics will still be running at extremely high frequencies (180-360 fps)." explains Greenawalt.

"Some systems are now running even faster. We felt the bumpy nature of tracks like Sebring in North America required running the physics at rates we've never seen in any other game. I think the biggest change that most players will notice is the increase in the graphical framerate."

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Guttersnype5470d ago

Normally don't buy racers, but this sounds to good to pass up.

MoonDust5470d ago

60 fps and the reflections running at 60 fps also! 180fps-360fps for physics!!! THIS GAME IS GOING TO BE INSANE!

FamoAmo5470d ago

This is an example of what next gen racers should be!! All racers releasing after this game is out need to use this game as an outline!! This will be the next racer I GET and I think it will fit nicely next to PGR3!! This is a MUST BUY!!

Marriot VP5470d ago

YES, racing games always need more framerate. Great to hear. I never bought PGR3 cause I never thought a racing game could immerse me enough.
Forza 2 is looking quite better, bring it on.

Lucidmantra5470d ago

I think of this as PGR with the ability to alter and upgrade cars which is good. PGR was fun but PGR has always been a snack for me. I liked TOCA, and FORZA better for some time now.

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