Dear Chris Taylor, You sir R a fanboy.

SouthSidegamer writes:

"Dear Chris Taylor from ConsoleMonster,

I really enjoyed your article where a grown man talks down to himself in hope to make other's understand their opinion. You make bold claims of the reviewer having their opinion then contradict yourself once you tell others that their opinion is either wrong or invalid. But you didn't realize that did you? Edge review is their opinion although I do have to question their motives with this distinct title."

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Zeus Lee4548d ago

Killzone 2=AAA

Let the haters hate,it only helps us identify the fanboy websites and thus never visit them again.

wisso184548d ago (Edited 4548d ago )

I got KZ2 today and I'm really impressed. It should not get lower than 9 because it delivers on all fronts.

mastiffchild4548d ago

Can I just say that this whole debacle(unsurprisingly centering on an Edge review given their habit of doing this to big releases from time to time-I won't list them but we all know which games, from both HD consoles, I mean)has gotten real old.
It makes me feel that either sites/mags should not give a score(how can one fairly judge LBP by the same yardstick as Halo3?)but deal only in words as we aren't daft and get more from a reviews wording subtlety than from an arbitrary number, don't we? Or maybe go the four/multiple reviewer route favoured by Famitsu(though they have their pronlems with that but done well?)so it reflects more than one mans opinion who may have a grudge/ill will/have got out of the wrong side of bed that day etc, etc , etc.
I understand why the industry craves the metacritic feedback but how helpful is it to gamers? Also how good is it for the industry? I'm a journalist(or an ex one right now but I'm trained and experienced)and I know we are just as prone to following fashions as anyone else and the easy route to take with a score is to put it in the same ball park as most of the other guys did. The same goes for it also being easy to get attention by being deliberatly contrary on a regular basis to get a particular name or infamy for ones self. This is why, often, the controversial score doesn't seem to match the words in the review as it's harder to write the controversy than it is to score it-now many times have we all seen very similar reviews with fairly different numbers at the end? Quite a few in my experience and that's why I feel the score is irrelevant-and even more so when at some sites they accept 7 as average while at others it's 5 or even 50 or 70%-you get the point.
Sorry but I'm tired of this now.

brycespitler4548d ago (Edited 4548d ago )

journalists acting like little babies cuz they dont like what some internet nerds say on the internet is pretty sad

and the fact they want to alienate potential fans who happen to want killzone is just plain ignorant

chris are a dumbass

Boty4548d ago

I can't believe the stupidity of some journalist these days. This article is written really well, unlike this "Chris" guy's article who obviously doesn't have a clue about anything.

Socomer 19794548d ago

My favorite so far of 2009 is edge, the killzone 2 g4 review & sesslers b1tch fest ignoring the problem.
game informers mistake & review score oh so shy of 9.
Recently, the xbox360 only site bandwagoning hate for hiphopgamer.

Oh & let's not forget the current where is microsoft situation. No news. Nothing special going on.
just all eyes on ps3.