Netflix Surpasses 10 Million Subscribers Thanks to Xbox 360

Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ: NFLX) , the world's largest online movie rental service, today announced it has surpassed 10 million subscribers, a milestone that reflects the widespread and growing appeal of the company's service. For one low monthly price, Netflix members can get unlimited DVDs delivered to their homes quickly and can instantly watch unlimited movies and TV episodes streamed over the internet to their TVs and computers.

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Jerk1205637d ago

Truly brings a tear to my eye.

Such success.

Something inferior consoles cannot possibly obtain.

Inferior consoles like Ps3.

Pennywise5637d ago

Yeah cause we can just d/l divx straight to our PS3 and play the movies without paying for XBL or netflix. Noobert.

Jerk1205637d ago (Edited 5637d ago )

Penny, I'm flattered that you're taking away time from your busy schedule just to stalk me but you need to stop now.

It's quite creepy.

Pennywise5637d ago

You are in every article I click on spamming nonsense. Isnt it time for you to make sweet love to your machine?

Jerk1205637d ago

Don't give me that excuse.

You were stalking me.

You don't need to lie.

Just stop doing it.

cryymoar5637d ago

i love my 200gb+ of DivX movies that i can watch for free.
Then when i'm feelng the need for a new movie, just log in to the PS Store and download FULL 720P HD movies.
Not that sub par compressed crap.

OhReginald5637d ago

...how much M$ is milking you guys with netflix...and the 360 in whole..

LeGenDx5637d ago

milking the cow moooooooooo.

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Eddie201015637d ago

The Netflix report did not say thanks to Xbox 360, they mentioned Blu-ray players, tivo boxes and other boxes made specificly for the service, plus a good percentage was from them offering Blu-Ray rentals and the fact that many Blu-Ray players were sold during the hollydays.

GWAVE5637d ago (Edited 5637d ago )

Maybe that's because Netflix usage on the 360 isn't as widespread as some people would like you to believe. Maybe it is. Maybe it isn't. It just seems out that Netflix wouldn't mention one of their major partners.

EDIT: @ Casey

Yeah, funny how that works out. People mocked the PS3 and said "Okay, the PS3 is cool....for MOVIES! OLOLOLOLOL!" and everyone laughed. Now it's "OMG! I cans watch teh movees on mah netflikz on mah tree-sikstee!!!"

Trollimite5637d ago

That Title Is So Misleading.


Pennywise5637d ago

I like the way xbox fan sites post the news and make their own headline to make it like the 360 is the only driving force.

Then someone posts it on N4G so all gamers can see how sensational the 360 is for Netflix. Noone can say a word about the title because the 360 fan site put the headline, but I will bet all my chips that the Netflix news letter did not have this title.

Someone should make a new article from the same news letter about Netflix Surpasses 10 Million Subscribers Thanks to Bluray players.

BrunoM5637d ago

its funny hw the person that posted these wanted to make it look like these was GOOD or becasue of the 360 lol... i hope people do read everything befor posting lol...

is kinda funny but o well all in all good for netflix

CaseyRyback_CPO5637d ago (Edited 5637d ago )

Now its top news, although unrealted to the 360(this article). As if its 10 million 360 netflix users.. but I still find it funny. Its a good thing though, we all know consoles are multi media devices, its just lame that there was that double standard.

BLockbuster has to be watching this, I wonder what their next move will be. Im amazed that Blockbuster has hung on, they have some really amazing CEO's.

Why isn't this amazing incorrect title Corrected for the story? Its not thanks to the 360, doesn't even say that anywhere.But i guess when theres nothing to really report about the 360 news wise, why not make it up and pass it on n4g... The site is ran by so many sony fanboys, that this gets approved right? lol. Delusions, you has them.

Valkyrie835637d ago

So wait, let me get this right; you are trying to say that Netflix has not gained a lot of users since the integration with Xbox 360? Your kidding right? OBVIOUSLY users have started pouring in thanks to the Xbox Live subscribers and there is plenty of hard proof to show that, your a fanboy thus you don't keep up with the 360 news like I'm sure PX360.com does; get a life and let people enjoy some real news for once instead of trying to TURN everything into a fanboy war!

CaseyRyback_CPO5637d ago (Edited 5637d ago )

When the article mentions Toshiba, Bluray, and other things is completely misleading, and you know why. Has the 360 helped netflix? Inherently.

But you know why planet xbox ran with the story title the way it was, instead, to make it seem as if its due to the 360, when its not. Its spin from a xbox site. Which is why gaming journalism is a total joke. Heres the exact same press release on another source, that uses the NETFLIX PRESS RELEASE TITLE, not some lame try-to-make-the-360-look-bette r-than-it-is-for-no-reason Title.

Netflix Passes 10 Million Subscribers, With 600,000 Net Additions Since the First of the Year


Why didn't they write "thanks to the 360" ?

Heres the AP Story:

Title: "Netflix crosses 10 million subscriber mark"



Netflix passes 10 million subscribers


Simple question, as a journalist is it ok for you to make up titles for press releases when the thing in the title was specifically NOT mentioned in the article at all? This goes right up there with multiplatform games being called "Exclusive". wow.

You could literally copy and paste the AP story like planet xbox did, and say "THANKS TO BLU-RAY" Since it was mentioned just as many times as the 360, or "THANKS TO TOSHIBA!" its just silly. PlanetXbox should spin their wheels on finding game news.

Monchichi0255637d ago

Why do you even try arguing commonsense with fanboys?? They will always try to spin any news towards there console of choice.

I mean, it's easy to see that Netflix supscriptions skyrocketed once the 360 partnership began. But to them, it's ALWAYS something else.

R.I.P. Commonsense!! Seems people don't have any anymore.

CaseyRyback_CPO5637d ago

When theres news of the 360 SKYROCKETING Netflix user accounts, that will be the title for the story. Not your assumptions.

Theres no arguing the fact that they changed the title of the press release. Where is the common sense there?

Anon19745637d ago

...but we can't. This is still a USA only thing to the rest of the world will just have to go back to what they were doing before...downloading divx files.

Wake me if my 360 ever actually gets this ability...

u got owned5637d ago (Edited 5637d ago )

Look at you guys saying "the title is misleading". Who cares? what is it to you anyway if X360 help or not? Good for them. you guys need to stop with this war bullsh@t and start enjoying the incredible features, this consoles are offering.

Congrats to netflix and x360 (I'm pretty sure x360 has something to do with it). I got Netflix because of the X360.

Monchichi0255637d ago

Stop being such an insecure fanboy. Just because it's not mentioned does not mean it's not true.

Look at Netflix Subscription chart. It was quite steady before November. Then in November, once the 360 deal took place (and NOTHING else changed) there subscriptions went thru the roof! If that isn't a commonsense sales patten, then I don't know what is?

Your PS3 is still gonna be a good gaming machine even if it does end up in 3rd place. Go enjoy your games and GET OVER IT!!!

CaseyRyback_CPO5637d ago

facts are facts man. Maybe one day you can get both & be a real gamer :)

Stubacca5637d ago

Still not worth buying a 360 to watch HD movies. Might as well rent blu-rays from Blockbuster or watch Sky Box Office. That's what to do if you're serious about HD.

thegood335637d ago

I don't have it personally, but at least half of the people on my friends list do... I was actually surprised at how many people use it.

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killzone2flop5637d ago

When i wake up in the morning i can't believe how truly fortunate i am to own a Next Gen Xbox360 Console i sometimes have to pinch myself to make sure i'm not dreaming.

Pennywise5637d ago

If the pinches arent convincing you, you should try a wood stake in the chest. Who knows, it might be a dream.