3D Revolution - Top 20 First-Person Shooters

When 3DFX-accelerated graphics hit the scene back in the day, it changed how we played first-person shooters forever. Here are Voodoo Extreme's top 20 first-person shooters of the 3D revolution.

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T-Virus4335d ago

It was PC only, I think.

eques judicii4335d ago

halo is on pc.... halo 2 will be this summer

wiggles6664335d ago

Escape From Butcher Bay was an Xbox title, so how no Halo. I also thought Half Life 2 was better than the original Half Life, decent list though.

MySwordIsHeavenly4335d ago

Because Halo is not a good FPS compared to ANY of these titles! I've been telling you guys that Halo was behind the times the day it was released. It was just the first FPS to do something right on a console...

This is a good list, but i think Unreal 04' deserves the number 1 spot...and where's Battlefield 1942?

Hayabusa 1174335d ago

Generally speaking, most of these "top 10/20" lists are generally crap. Although this one's pretty decent, some of their choices are quite startling. Prey better than Buthcers Bay? How did Prey even get on that list? At the end of the day, I've play most of these games and although they are good, the game I go back to the most is Halo 1/2 (yes, even Halo 2's crappy campaign).

Xi4335d ago

no, the fact they have something like prey, but not Planet side, or tribes, this llist is horrible.

deadeyes994335d ago

5 of those games ive actually played...3 i would agree on, the rest were pretty dumb

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