PlayStation 3 launch is 'biggest ever'

About €15 million worth of PlayStation 3 game consoles will be sold in a single day when the machines are launched in Ireland later this month, according to the managing director of Sony Computer Entertainment Ireland.

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PureGamer4251d ago (Edited 4251d ago )


to below well around my area which is kent most pre orders have been sold out. so some people do have the money like me :)

DC RID3R4251d ago

that's a very big declaration. For sony's sake, they have to "show and prove" on this one.

A cool guy @ my local gamestation, told me that their pre-order list for Ps3 isn't as severe as the wii was. I'm just not sure everyone who'd like one, has that kind of money, this time of year.

Most shops are offering bundles, 2 games(genji and 1 of choice) + ps3+ 1 controller = £525


Bathyj4251d ago

Hopefully by the time it launches everyone isn't still broke from Christmas. We are nearly 1/4 of the way through the year afterall.

That quite impressive about Ireland being the highest Playstation adopter per capita in PAL regions. Who would have thunk it?

Anyway this isn't really news. Sony are going to do so well in March and April. They might even reach Wii numbers. I doubt it, but world wide I think they might close the gap a little in the next 2 months.

BrotherSic4251d ago

One thing I can tell you about Ireland (currently living in Cork) the internet is poor! I went from England where I had 8mb line (surprisingly cheap with NTL, now virgin) to a 2mb line which struggles to reach above 200kb download and around 80kb upload using a speed test.

I think it is starting to improve but i can see why Xbox live is not a big deal here. I have to wait until may before i can start playing again

ben hates you4251d ago

do 15,000,000 divided by 840{actual cost of system} or 600 and you either get 18,750 or 25,000 its not that many consoles

StateofMind4250d ago (Edited 4250d ago )

The actual cost is 630, not 840. They also give the number in units sold in the article: about 20,000. In one day, in Ireland.

Also about 2,000,000 for the rest of Europe. That's a lot for a single day. There's also the fact that now that the PS3 is available in Europe its sales will see a big increase over time as well.

The PS3 will have sold around 5,000,000 worldwide by April. It still has 2/3 of the year left, and the holidays.

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The story is too old to be commented.