Activision Blizzard Posts 4Q Loss

Video game publisher Activision Blizzard Inc. posted a fourth-quarter loss Wednesday, but adjusted earnings jumped past Wall Street's expectations, boosted by strong sales of the latest "Guitar Hero" and "Call of Duty" games.

The company posted a loss of $72 million, or 5 cents per share, for the quarter, dragged down in part by charges from its combination with Vivendi Games last July. Adjusted earnings totaled $429 million, or 31 cents per share, surpassing the 29 cents per share that analysts polled by Thomson Reuters had expected.

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solideagle15219d ago

i thought blizzard would have never get LOSS in the recession. i mean 11 million users of world of warcraft and call of duty selling like crazy. hmmmm i think nobody is immune to recession.

Mikerra175219d ago

how does a company with WoW and all those other games post a loss, no wonder all the other companies are going under

Blasphemy5219d ago

Amazing with all those WoW subscriptions and all those Call of Duty and Guitar Hero sales and they still post losses...

lord_of_balrogs5219d ago

Ya it's almost as if the world is in a recession or something. Oh wait.

evrfighter5219d ago

Don't forget development costs for diablo 3 and starcraft II is probably the main reason for this.

Blasphemy5219d ago

The way their games are selling it doesn't seem that way.

NarFan5219d ago

its Activision who losing money not blizzard

Motion5219d ago

But wow alone with 11mil users should earn them 165mil a month. How could they be spending more than 1,980,000,000 a year to post a loss? A servers really THAT expensive to maintain?

B4st10n5219d ago

Just with WOW they have earnings of :
10 000 000 x 3 monthes x 15$ ( I give them 1 million slack to round up )

That makes 450 Millions ( just with WOW ), they say they earned only 438 Millions. What gives ???

I am talking earnings here, not profit.

Mikerra175219d ago

well they say that they have HAD 11 million subscribers, but Im thinking that is all time and not counting what they have at the moment.

Im sure their isnt 11 million people with active accounts

Scerick5219d ago (Edited 5219d ago )

It's 11 million active subscribers, not a lifetime total.

B4st10n5219d ago (Edited 5219d ago )

I'm not counting all the earnings they made with selling the expansion pack WOTLK.

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