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Comic book heroes have starred in plenty of videogames where they tromped around cities, sometimes saving the population, but almost always wreaking all kinds of inadvertent havoc. Valuable as those established superhero licenses can be, developers have recently jumped out of more mainstream series to create their own take on what a hero can be; Sony's upcoming PS3 exclusive Infamous falls into this category. Its hero, Cole, finds himself suddenly infused with the power to harness electricity in all sorts of ways.

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Rhythmattic3535d ago

"But I learned that the condition of the city reflects your choices: Clean up efforts get underway if you restore order, but deterioration prevails if you only serve your personal interests. "

Mmm. Interesting.

Black Maverick3535d ago

One of my favorite things about the game are the choices you can make. One of the producers was talking about how you can chose to kill people by draining the electrical energy inside their body. (Basically treating them like batteries) However, if someone around you is dying, you have the ability to defibrillate their heart with your powers and bring them back to life. You can literally become the grim reaper in this game, draining and restoring life as you choose which is just freaking awesome.

Day 1 purchase for me.

TOO PAWNED3535d ago

I don't like this type of previews. It is so long and yet it doesn't give you an idea if he liked it or not, did he enjoy it or found it mediocre, etc.
It's like i was first one to taste some new fruit, and now i am telling some group of 30 people about that fruit. I tell them what type of smell, taste, look it has but i never say if smell is nice or not, if teste is good or it makes you throw after me talking for 10 minutes about it.....everyone is left with question...."So did you like it or not?".
Garnett Lee is an idiot, to bad he wasn't one of those that got fired.

eagle213534d ago

May or June release. :)

Buttons3534d ago

I'm pretty sure it was Empire City, unless I missed something.

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kewlkat0073535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

your setting up yourself, for disappointment..

It will be 20 years from now and Edge will be famous because of it's KZ2 score.

atttentionshore3535d ago

It will be 20 years from now and there will be no Edge around

arika3535d ago

15 days from now people will know that edge magazine is full of bias sony haters and xbox fanboys, because 15 days from now we are going to play the first game of the year contender KILLZONE 2 and we will all know who is lying.

bottom line edge will be the ones disappointed because 15 days from now they will lose their credibility as a gaming review site.

DJ3535d ago

To hurt their popularity, which in turn is going to affect their wallets. When people play a game (or watch a movie) that's completely awesome and see a review source that snubs it and calls it "mediocre" and whatnot, they naturally ignore that source in the future. That's why Gamepro and 1UP have gone through staff reshufflings, and tried to improve the accuracy of their reviews.

WildArmed3534d ago

lol 20 years later edge will be extinct DUE to the Killzone 2 review :D

Im really looking forward to this game! It looks amazing!

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divideby03535d ago

I hope this game comes out in June like I have read...great time for a game like this...

Arsenal4Ever3535d ago

I just want to see what different kinds of powers this guy can actually get.

Karum3535d ago

There was a video posted on the playstation blog yesterday which featured some gameplay that I haven't seen before. Included in that was also a power/ability I haven't seen before where Cole was jumping around on the side of a big building and to get to the next platform he used the electricity from his hands to act like thrusters to extend his jump.

Looked pretty cool, can't wait to see more of this game and actually get playing it.

thereapersson3535d ago

Yeah Karum, I know for a fact that there is a lot that we aren't seeing in the game that validates it as a worthy experience. It's too bad that a lot of people are already writing it off as "repetitive", or shallow, before they even play the damn thing...

HighDefinition3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

Fit so many powers into the control scheme, it was crazy.

Suckerpunch is really good at making control schemes, I wouldn`t worry about it, Cole will have LOTS of powers. There are probaly atleast 10-15 they aren`t showing us.

Karum3535d ago

Yeah we've only seen 2 or 3 very basic powers which I would say are in their basic form and haven't been levelled up. There will be powers we haven't seen at all and then there's the various upgrades for those powers.

Those alone are enough to keep me interested never mind the fact we haven't seen anything like even half the different areas, gangs/enemies or bosses you'll face off against.

For me what I have seen so far is very interesting and looks like something I'd want to play, to think there's so much more we haven't seen and don't know about is great imo.

It looks to have the potential to be a really awesome game and from what we've seen it's shaping up to live up to that potential. I don't want to say it's going to be an amazing game cuz obviously nobody has played it and I'll wait to play it myself but right now it looks a solid day 1 or week 1 purchase for me, depends what else is going on that requires my money on the release date lol.

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pixelsword3534d ago

It reminds me of a classic first issue or a "origins" issue of a comic book on how the superhero got their powers and how they made their way around the world until that point where they got control of themselves and started their path down to glory.

It's not a toughie here to say it's a day one purchase, this will also get me excited for PROTOTYPE, although I think there will be a different, but equally likeable feel betwixt the two, as PROTOTYPE feels more like you're an escaped "lab rat" discovering what the heck happened to you and why... I already know that this kind of person will disappear into the night at the end of the first game. PROTOTYPE in a way reminds me of a mix between ONE for the PS1 and in an odd way, The Secret of N.I.M.H. in certain parts.

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