Final Fantasy XIII Battle System Detailed

We've gotten used to seeing Tetsuya Nomura, Yoshinori Kitase and Motomu Toriyama in interviews regarding Final Fantasy XIII, but a new face joined the executive staff for the latest feature on Japan's most anticipated PS3 title. The latest issue of Japan's monthly Ge-maga magazine is home to an interview with the three FFXIII mainstays, along with a newcomer, Tosirou Tsuchida. Following his work on Front Mission and Final Fantasy X, Tsuchida is taking charge of the battle system in Final Fantasy XIII.

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Honeal2g4247d ago

Square Enix...Keep the Tradtional battle... or make a sutle change like you did for Final Fantasy 10... in my opinion every final fantasy since 10 have been fact they were so bad i had to return them..Cerebrus, X-2(aka charely's angels, Finaly Fantasy 12,(battle system and story both terrible). Obivously everyone doesnt share my beliefs and some people welcome change but the Reason "I" have fallen in love with their games in the past was because of that traditional theme and battle system which made the game worht soo much more than these gimmicky stuff there putting out now. Obviously i cant really judge them seeing that the game hasnt even been shown(in terms of battle mechanics). What do u guys think ?