No PS3 Price Cuts for Two Years.

A new Dow Jones story has confirmed that Sony plans to stick to their original plan, including not dropping the price of the PS3 for at least two years

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zonetrooper54246d ago

Well it looks at though i will have to wait 2 years if this is true, maybe if they bundle the PS3 with Killzone 2 and MGS4, then i shall buy it.

techie4246d ago

As I said. Why would Sony say they were going to reduce the price this year? That would mean everybody would hold out and Sony wouldn't get any sales now, which they need. The longer the amount of time they quote before a price-ctu the more people will give in and just buy one now...

KingJames19064245d ago

Price trumps EVERTHING! And if consumers have a choice, (i.e. Wii, Xbox360, PS2,) Consumers will choose the product that gives them the best quality at their pricing terms. That includes goods and services. I don't have to by their product and in fact if I want it and deem it to expensive I'll wait until depreciation. I did that last year with my auto purchase (2001 Acura MDX Touring.) I really liked the SUV in 2001. It won all kinds of awards that year but with a price of $40,000 dollars tax included, I wasn't willing to take. Enter something called CHOICE and TIME. As I already had a car (like most on this site have gaming consoles or Gaming PC's) I waited until the price suited me. I picked my certified vehicle up for $19,900 tax included with 50K miles. On my terms. I got my eye on the 2007 MDX Tech package $45,000 with tax.) I’ll see it in 2011 @ 50K miles. See I can wait. But, I can't wait to see your reasoning when Sony lowers their price before that 2-year timeframe in the US and PAL regions due to Microsoft lowering their price of the 360 (It’s going to happen before this Christmas season.) I mean if your logic made sense, why did Sony lower the price in Japan 20 percent when it launched there. That wasn’t the original price Mr. Kuturagi quoted at Japan's press event back in 2006. Surly Sony could have just made the Japanese people give in and buy one eventually. And even with the price of the PS3 being 20% lower (than the rest of the world) the Wii is still outselling it 4 to 1 in Japan.

techie4245d ago

Well yes that is what I'm saying. But if everybody did what you said, Sony would be in the sh't. If Sony say there will be no price cut for two years...most people who want a ps3 won't be willing to wait and so will cough up. If they say...oh they'll be a price-cut around christmas, then most people will wait until christmas to get it (if they told that this is the definite case) and then Sony would have low sales. Simply corporate stuff.

KingJames19064245d ago

No one waits for a company to announce a price drop. You find out that one happened through word of mouth or your local retailer. Also, Sony is in Sh'T at this time due to price. Otherwise no one would keep asking the same question over and over and over again when they get in a room with a Sony executive. "When will there be a price drop?" Sony’s answered this question for the umpteenth time but games and financial analyst still ask that same question. "When will there be a price drop?" "When will there be a price drop?" "When will there be a price drop?" "When will there be a price drop?" "When will there be a price drop?" "When will there be a price drop?" "When will there be a price drop?" "When will there be a price drop?" "When will there be a price drop?" "When will there be a price drop?" "When will there be a price drop?" "When will there be a price drop?" "When will there be a price drop?"

Captain Tuttle4246d ago (Edited 4246d ago )

They're waiting until the prices of Blu-Ray players come down...then they'll have to lower the price.

EasilyTheBest4245d ago

The PS3 will drop in price significantly by 2008.
If the PS3 sells by the million all through the summer and all the way to christmas with Wii type sales then perhaps they can keep their price, but we all know this isnt going to happen. Microsoft will see to that with big 360 price drops....

lil bush4245d ago

if they would just drop the price $100 dollars or so theu would sell much more consoles and that true when blu-ray does go down sony will drop there price guarenteed

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