Lost Planet Patch Loses it reports:
The new Lost Planet patch released last night seems to be causing great distress to Lost Planet owners on the Xbox 360.

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DJ4433d ago

The downside of patching.

power of Green 4433d ago

They better fix this sh*t man i was mad as hell Gamers from Japan had a huge advantage because of lag due to the update. One match i poped off 300 bullets in a Japanese gamers head and he went on to kill me and 8 others before he died. I hate getting shot with no one around to shoot me. Too many people play that game.

THAMMER14432d ago

I had no issues at all. I guess some people blame their sucking on anything.

Covenant4432d ago

A patch to fix a patch. Gotta love it. As someone on another site said, this generation of systems seems to be based on: release, patch, patch, patch... (ad nauseum).

power of Green 4432d ago

Yah! that's it! lol Lv 60's ok for a casual player. It's all in peoples Heads they just suck. lol Nothings wrong now! but at first it was worse than ever. Have you really played LP by any chance?. J/K.

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