Playstation 3 Receives Some Odd Word of Mouth Advertising

After being selected by President Obama to ask the final question at the Fort Myers Town Hall Meeting Julio Osegueda was interviewed by the News-Press. In his statements Julio goes on to state "I have never felt this good except maybe when I got my PlayStation 3 for Christmas." Hundreds, if not thousands of people have visited the site and read the article.

Could something this obscur help with advertising the Playstatiion 3, considering the audience of the site?

Click the link to see the entire article and video.

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lokiroo4205220d ago

Obama = Ps3

Geedubbaya = 3fixme

jrsenkbe5220d ago

I believe that Obama would choose the PS3 over any of the consoles if he didn't have kids. He is a tech guy it appears.

shadowghost7525219d ago

a keen scientist it appears as well, he is supposedly going to be bringing back the theory of evolution into many schools in the midwest where only creationism is taught

HighDefinition5220d ago (Edited 5220d ago )

And yes, getting a PS3 for Xmas would be amazing.

I bought mine, and THAT was great itself.

Beg For Mercy5220d ago

ya man, i remember when my wife bought mines home to me and we opened it in front of a neighbor she was like wow that things look beautiful like a spaceship or something.

nix5220d ago

i bought mine as a b'day/christmas/new year gift to myself. we had 4 days of holiday and i didn't even step out of the house. later my parents saw it and thought it looked like some futuristic spaceship. lol.. q:

but sadly only if sony would advertise their product properly. they're stuck between their strategy: to sell it as a home intertainment system or video game player. no wonder we don't get to see great ads like PS2/PS1 had. forget great ads, we don't even see ads at all.

i wonder if KZ2 ads are even going to be aired or not.

krauley5220d ago

after searching stores for a month or so i finally decided to buy one of those expensive bundles online, you know the ones that you have to buy 25 games, 6 controllers, 90 cables and a 200 year service plan. so i order it and my wife comes home with a brand new shiny 60 gigger just to find out that i ordered the package and ruin her xmas surprise. needless to say i got my ps3 early and cancelled my online purchase. anyway yes it was amazing to get it for xmas

Liquid Dust5219d ago

At that moment I was really having a hard time deciding between it and the 360. 360 had some great titles such as Bioshock and Mass Effect that was making it look pretty attractive, but the prospect of missing out on MGS4, God of War, GT5, and Ratchet and Clank Future was just too much to bare. I am extremely happy with my choice, I had no idea what 2008 would have in store for me in addition to those titles mentioned above: WipEout HD, Bioshock PS3, LittleBigPlanet, R2, etc. Lets not forget Valkyria Chronicles, what a gem.

Now Killzone 2 is coming out? Played the demo nearly 50 times. Looks to have some top notch multiplayer.

God of War 3, anyone read if there was any mention of a release of 2009 in the latest Game Informer Scans?

Im excited to be a playstation owner for a 3rd generation

Bubble Buddy5219d ago

Sony paid them to say it :P, kidding.

SCThor5219d ago

Do what I did....just get a $400-500 PC and you're ready to go

ultimolu5219d ago

I got mine in August 2007.

I almost cried when I got it. I was that excited. :D

Danja5219d ago

November 17th , 2006. Launch Day..XD

good when u have links at the game stores my friend reserved mine..4 me...

Sevir045219d ago

I was the happiest owner ever, with it came it's toys Motorstorm, Resistance fall of man, Virtua fighter 5, Ridge racer 7. It was the best investment i ever made. as a matter of fact that was the same day i purchased my 2000 dollar big rig. it was awesome. I celebrated Christmas that day, I told my brother that i got a ps3 back in florida and he was like OMG... It was a surreal experience, The game was just I first tried motorstorm and it was like how it was for me back in 2003 when i transitioned from PS1 to PS2 that faithful january, the jump in graphics are just incredible, Playing in HD was like a jolt into the future, I'll never ever go back to playing in SD.

i thank my PS3, i became a Next gen HD gamer because of it.

Saigon5219d ago

to advertise without putting money out...

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jrsenkbe5220d ago

I remember the day that I brought mine home, the first thing I did was put in a new HDD.

The best though was when I bought my HD 42 inch LCD TV and hooked my PS3 up with HDMI and bose surround sound and played Uncharted.

so sweet.

cmrbe5220d ago

I had to wait a year for Uncharted.

randomwiz5219d ago

you should put in a new solid state drive. I got a 64gb for $120 and my performance was amazing

cmrbe5220d ago

I felt like a little kid on chritmas morning when my PS3 arrived.

San Frandisco5220d ago

dude,i also remember wen i had some HUGE @SS conflict with my job back then about bieng payed and money problems ,but once i won and got wut was owed to me,1st thing i did was reward myself with a playstation 3 that single day.. $400 well spent and never regretting it.

i would have to say the most compelling part about unbloxing my ps3 was that new smell of next-gen freshness from the beautifull black box.

popped in motorstorm (it was the bundle) and was like WHOA! lol.
even though i had a rear-projection HDTV.

had a smile till this day still.

i had 2 previouse 360's and i can tell you that the overall experience with a ps3 is way more satisfying and exciting then the 360 imo.

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