Valve Confirms Left 4 Dead DLC Will Be Free

The "Survival Pack" downloadable content for Valve's cooperative zombie shooter Left 4 Dead will be free for both PC and Xbox 360 players, the company confirmed today.

Due out this spring, the download will add a new Survival mode, in which players attempt to survive endless hordes of zombies on at least 12 maps, and allow the Dead Air and Death Toll campaigns to be played in the competitive multiplayer Versus mode.

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Proxy4357d ago

for ALLOWING content to be free on XBLA. Their still tossing in their sleep over that one.

solidsnakus4357d ago

wheres our team fortress 2 update on console? damn you valve!

TheDude2dot04356d ago

I wish Valve would stop alienating those with mediocre computers. Mine is average, and it needs to run the game at Low everything!

Now Zoey looks like a block person.

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RunsFromRobots4357d ago

This article is being reported as a duplicate of this:

That article was based on a rumoured e-mail, whereas this is based on a legitimate press release direct from Valve: http://store.steampowered.c...

rroded4357d ago

cant imagine it was easy gettin a freebe by xbox...
Still great news for all the gamers with the 360 version.

Arsenic134357d ago

They probably told MS that they owed them. Not putting it on any other console.

Elven64357d ago

Valve has always had a good relation with Microsoft, half the staff at Valve came from Microsoft! Perhaps Microsoft realized the fiasco that was TF2 and then looked at how much Gabe Newell was defending them that they decided to make it free?

Proxy4357d ago

Valve: "Were going to put L4D on PS3 as well."
MS: "Noooo! I'm sure we can work out a deal."
Valve: "Will you allow us to distribute free updates via XBLA?"
MS: "No. How about we pay you 50 million instead."
Valve: "Free updates or no deal."
MS: "Although we find your terms very disturbing, we accept."

Mcrmarcher4357d ago

Very generous of them, glad to see their supporting their fans =)

pumpkinpunker4356d ago (Edited 4356d ago )

Valve has been pretty much my favorite dev since forever. they never release bad games. the worst game I can think of that Valve released was Half-life 2: episode 1 but even that was still a pretty good game although it seemed like a bunch of stuff left on the cutting room floor from Half-life 2. they support the mod community. they do cool things like give away free DLC. Steam is like Xbox live for PCs. Etc.

My favorite devs out there:

All three never rush a release which is respectable although requires a ton of patience.

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The story is too old to be commented.