Gamestyle Review: Spider-Man: Web of Shadows

Gamestyle writes: "For a world with such a diverse range of characters and story possibilities, it's a shame to see everything mashed into one pot with barely a thread holding them together. That's whats happened with Web of Shadows. Treyarch has included the likes of Venom, Wolverine, Electro and Vulture amongst others, but when the plot is as wafer thin as this we can't really care what the outcome is.

That being one of many complaints that can be levelled at the latest wall crawling adventure. Based around a symbiote invasion it's no surprise to find Venom at the root of the problem, it's the favourite character of many (hence his inclusion), but few would argue that he isn't grossly overused. At least like previous Spider-Man games the webswinging does come a long way to save it, barely. Swinging through the streets of New York is a joyous experience and controlling Spider-Man is great at first, then you enter combat and it all goes horribly wrong."

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PS360WII3537d ago

wow that's not a good score :( I guess Spiderman hit it's gaming peak with Spiderman 2... least in my eyes