OXM UK: Tom Clancy's HAWX Preview

OXM UK writes:

"We should have had a sweepstakes running, really. Sit someone in front of HAWX and it's only a matter of time before they begin quoting Top Gun or singing the wailing guitar theme as they perform utterly superfluous barrel rolls and showboating dives.

This is very much fighter jets as seen in the Tom Cruise movie, rather than an anal military sim - none of this flying for 30 minutes, firing weapons from four miles away and then accidentally falling out of the sky because you failed to adjust some crucial dial.

Instead you're wheeling around in a jet, often just a few metres away from the enemy, and while machine guns on modern fighter jets are about as useful as a chocolate teapot, here they're a lethal and satisfying part of your armoury."

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NaiNaiNai3562d ago

this games demo was good at first. but god it sucks after a while, you can't do any of the major fighter moves like specific stalls and such without being the damn "OFF" mode which cuts the camera away from the jet and into a goofy angle that makes it hard to tell which side of your plane is which when your doing corners. >.> at least ace combat 6 has the option to turn advanced mode like this on and off and you still get to keep your camera angle. i mean it makes the moves look pretty, but entirly useless in combat cause

A. you can't see missles from behind you, 30 degrees of to your left or right, and straight up.

B. its almost impossible to lock onto a plane in a dog fight with that camera because you can't tell when your plane is facing forward or backwards since its a locked camera.

(another reason it sucks)
you can't really stall your plane if "on" mode, it takes to much work and even then the game auto corrects your flight path..

Ace combat 6 in my book for gameplay (9/10)
H.A.W.X gameplay (4/10)

i thought it would play like Ace combat 5. god was i wrong, flys more like 3.