10 LBP Music Levels Worth Watching

Here are 10 LBP music levels created by the users. Some of the songs you will recognize and some will be completely new to you but each song is awesome. Creating these music levels takes a lot of hard work.

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Sangria3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

All are very nice but i heart goes to the Bethoveen one. Really awesome ô__Ô
I wish one day someone makes the God Of War theme and "You're Not Here" from Silent Hill 3 (or just Silent Hill series main theme)

Megaton3562d ago

Glad they included the StarFox one. Hearted it ages ago, and it's still my favorite music level.

arsenal553562d ago

Yeah once I saw that StarFox level I was amazed. Really awesome

TomMcBaum3562d ago

it's the least "stiff" sounding of any of the pieces, and the animation is a nice touch. I'm impressed with the Beethoven one for sheer technical brilliance, of course. I hope these don't run afoul of the Sony copyright cops. That AC/DC logo is clearly a trademark.