New World of Warcraft Action Figures at ComiCon has video coverage of the new DC Unlimited World of Warcraft Action Figures showcased at the 2009 New York Comic Con. The main action figure spear-heading the new series is no other than King of Stormwind Varian Wrynn straight from the World of Warcraft comic book.

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Medievaldragon3563d ago

I am sure everyone who loves collecting will like one of these King of Stormwind (Lo'gosh) action figures. Looks awesome. The Ghoul and the Night Elf female hunter w/ owl pet look so detailed and rich. I want them.

Leord3563d ago

Yes, Lo'Gosh is awesome, and I am SO happy they are bringing in a proper hero for the Alliance...

Leord3563d ago

Oh my god.

I am such a geek, and I love it.

MAN I wish I could have gone to ComiCon!

AndyA3563d ago

Yeah, a trip to New York and a geekfest on top!

Medievaldragon3563d ago

This is the first time I go there all three days. It was such a great ride. So many people disguised as super heroes, manga characters and stuff. Lot of video games came down here: EA, Activision, Cryptic Studios, and a few more showcasing their various games.

Jumpgate and Prototype seemed the best looking imho.

Leord3563d ago

Any WoW cosplayers at all? =D

Recka3563d ago

lol better have been some femalebelf cosplays ;) but yes I wish I coulda gone too

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Wuushu3563d ago

We could all do one big geekpile there... mmmhhmmmm

Leord3563d ago

Lol, that would likely kill a lot of geeks =)

Recka3563d ago

Would have love to have gone and seen all these, but alas, us Australians can't really get to new york :P

Leord3563d ago

Yes they can, silly Aussie! Just take a plane ;)

lothaer3563d ago

i want BlizzCon to come to Australia ><

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