UK Uni developing massive games emulator

Videogames are not pulp cultural artefacts and should be preserved...

UK researchers at Portsmouth University developing massive, universal games and data emulator to preserve our digital heritage...

Computer historians and researchers at Portsmouth University in the UK are developing a software emulator that will recognise and play all types of videogames and computer files from the 1970s through to the present day.

Remember all those videogames from your childhood and teenage years? Want to play them all again, without having to download umpteen different emulators?

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hay3540d ago

That would be f*cking awesome. I'm oldies fan and I often play oldschools so it would help a lot. Keeping one, big library of favourite games without messing with multiple emulators. Can't wait.

zoydwheeler3540d ago

Though I'm not sure how it would actually work. I'm very keen to know more though!

urban bohemian3540d ago

Maybe I'll have to move to Portsmouth!

Mindboggle3540d ago

What college/uni in bristol ??

uie4rhig3540d ago

i was about to apply for Portsmouth Uni but decided not to.. got an offer at oxford brookes tho, doubt i'll take it lol :P

Kurylo3d3540d ago

Yea that sounds pretty awesome. The classics are where its at.

Sasanova3540d ago

emulators usually are a bich to start up, from all those weird files u have to download separately, to filling in and typing random commands and what not, i think the biggest challenge to make this a success is to have 1 big download which will upload all the necessary things by itself and be very user friendly when started up. very good idea indeed and i hope they pull it off. i would definitely replay some of the best PS1 RPGs all over again, golden sun series on gameboy, and even contra and few others on the old school nintendo.

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The story is too old to be commented.